Mark wishes you a lot of fun reading and he would be glad to hear from you, what your opinion about his art of writing are.
The books are available here as pdf file, they are free to read.

Mark has written other books A Poet Dreams and Where No One Hears Me... The Inner Dialogue of a Lifer Convict, these two books are available on Amazon.



Pre Genesis and Genesis
the unauthorized version

Mark takes this book and completely transform it. Highlighting the Ancient Aliens/Fallen Angels, origins of Jehovah. Shocking!

This book is written in Biblical verse.

Ecclesiastes the unauthorized version

A re-write that takes those crusty old verses and transforms them into understandable meaning.

Written in the original Biblical verse.


As a Convict Thinketh

This is a Self-help book written by a prisoner
for prisoners and their families.

English version


Como un convicto piensa

Este libro es para que la persona se ayude
o supere fue escrito por un preso para
los presos y sus familias.

Spanish version


Death of Spirituality

This is about how when Science and Religion became prevalent in Western Society we lost
the Spiritual nature of our ancestors.

The differences Between
Mysticism and Religion
Outward Spirituality
and Inward Spirituality

A clear definition of the failure of Religion
to empower people.


Der Prophet

This is a modern telling of the coming of Jesus - beautifully written and completely capturing the true personality of God in his modern Jesus character... filled with mystical secrets.

Ol' Mother Oak

A sad/funny story about a prisoner
and an oak tree.


The Monk

Wow! This is deep. It's about a man who is in love with his sister ... what?
NO! ... What? ... I ain't even got a sister! Get you mind out of the gutter, you weirdo :)


Anyway. To save his sisters life he takes up the Cloth and becomes a Priest. But, because he's so consumed by his own sin in the matter, he still loves his sister, his guilt overcomes him and he decides to become one of the Desert Fathers; Desert Fathers were real folks, just google "The Desert Fathers" to read about them. Anyway, in his exile he meets an Angel, with a little twist to it.

Shot Callers:
who they are and how the're made

A series of true stories from prison highlighting how Mark rose to Shot Caller status in one of the most dangerous prisons in America.


Siriusly Bent

A collection of short stories,
which will be expanded over time with new stories.

The past lives of a lifer Convict

It took the government three trials, humorous false testimonies and a general violation of the United States Constitution to convict Mark of murder, a murder he claims not to have committed. It took Mark sixteen years of soul searching to find Self-Realization, and then he understood why it had all happened the way it did. This is the story of his awakening.



Best of Marks Blog Entries

Mark has been writing blog posts for many years, here he summarizes his favorites.

A Wasted Life

"A Wasted Life" This is a book in progress, but it is about a young man who's been born beautiful in appearance, high in intelligence, and uniquely gifted spiritually. His father is a Baptist minister and he, the Preachers Son is the jewel of their church. He's such a perfect person that he is almost worshipped by the local people. He's so handsome that, "women stop and talk to him just so they can see their reflection in his Godlike eyes." He's such a joy that everyone around him is happy to be in his presence ... but he himself, is not happy.

An exciting story that shows that things are not always as you think to see them.