Short Stories

By Mark Crawford


Would love to hear your feedback - I expect a lot of criticism; critics are welcome. Thank you.




This story is a conglomeration of historical facts, opinions and my fertile imagination. How it came about is like this.

I came across some photos of Egyptian Mummies, the great-grandmother of King Tut and others of her era, like Yuya, who had blond hair. Yeah - like Nordic blond. This was not a total surprise, after all I had seen a photo of Pharaoh Ramses II and he had RED hair, yeah, like Irish red! Point is this, the early Egyptians were an unusual people, not at all like Hollywood portrays - almost oriental in face but with blond and red hair, at least in the royals. Combine this fact with King Tut's recent DNA showing him to be of Western European stock, and a picture begins to take place. Enter author, Ralph Ellis.

Ralph Ellis is an expert on ancient Egypt. He had written a series of books on the subject - and I was gifted with 3 of his books, which I treasured, yes, past tense, I lost them when I transferred from Three Rivers. Those books were, "Scotia, Egyptian Queen of the Scots," "Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs" and "The Exodus". This guys frigging brilliant AND controversial. How you ask? Well, in Scotia, he explores an Irish myth about the coming to Ireland the descendants of an Egyptian Princess named Scotia, sister of Tut, whose people eventually settled in Ireland and then to Scotland; Scotland and Nova Scotia being named for her. In the Exodus, he makes a compelling case that the Hebrews of the Old Testament were in fact Egyptians who lost a civil war and thus exited Egypt to a Promised new land. A really compelling and convincing theory. Anyway, these are the foundations of the Tey-Gar story. I used the factual proof of blond and red-haired North Africans, combined with Mr. Ellis' theory on the Exodus - then, because I'm a complete NUT who does not believe that the Old Testament, mass-murderer named Jehovah, is the same Deity as the loving, forgiving, gentle God that Jesus, my personal Savior, spoke about (see my Genesis Book, FREE on this site) and then throw in my crazy imagination and you have the story of Tey-Gar! Hope you like it.




Well, not much to tell here. I wanted to tell you a little about the place I call my Hometown, Ingleside Texas.

In Ingleside there is a beautiful piece of land overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. I always like that place and dreamed of building a home there, so one time I just trespassed and walked it. On that piece of land I found the remnants of an old homestead; I wondered WHO had lived there and when they had lived there. Never forgot that place. Well, my little story is about that area and a husband and wife who I imagined lived there. All made up of course.

FYI: I am writing a book about that exact piece of land, a Western, about a family who settled that land, the heroin of the story is an Indian woman from Mexico, La India ... It's an adventure story ... am working on it as we speak.








What can I say ... well, its a story of strength and courage AND tragedy, where a loving wife and mother is forced to do the unthinkable. Read this and you will admire and even fall in love with my UMMAH



The Junkie

A This little Short Story is part of a book I'm currently writing called "A Wasted Life" (the first 7 chapters can be read on this site for free). In this book the Junkie in this story is a bit player, he comes and he goes. My point for putting him in this book and to highlight his story here, is to illustrate something that I am learning about other people, and about myself, which is, no matter how bad we think they are, they're still human beings, and though we may hate how they act, if we look hard enough we can find some good in everybody. Seeing people as bad or evil or as sinners actually says nothing about them, and everything about us, because we see in others what we see in ourselves. If we are secretly unhappy with our self, then we will be outwardly unhappy with others. It's about us, it always has been. That is the message of my new book and it is the message of this story. FYI: remember the Drug Dealer in this story, he plays an intricate part in the book. Peace be with you. Mark





J-Bird Club

When I was in the SHU (the hole) at Three Rivers earlier this year I met a man named Lucky, Luckner from Haiti. We hit it off and when we would see each other at recreation time we'd talk. I told him I write, so he told me his story and he asked me to put him in my book. I said I would.



My Creation Story

You've heard it said that the greatest trick the Devil ever played on us, was, to convince us he doesn't exist. That's not true.
The greatest trick the Devil ever played on us, was, to convince us that he's, God.