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The United Auto Workers Strike and the truth you ain't hearing
PRISON REFORM: real prison reform
The Death Penalty and Mike Pence
What is a Grackle? and A Good Joke

A public apology to author Steven King
Petroleum Jelly
Alex Murdaugh


The Story behind the story of "Ol' Mother Oak"
Why do Muslims hate us?
Of Men and Mice

Alison Kosik and Chad Hollamon
Hippie Stuff
Bob Barker and Shu Cellies
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Finding my Voice
Left or Right
Another Birthday
Women Part3
Women Part2

Women Part1
Lucifer encounters
Count Time
Letter from Chad
Masks - Alking, Eyes and Kilometers
Ugly Tattoo
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Christmas 2020
Update Imagine
Is there something wrong with our country?
Got a Job
Corona and Death
Art Paper and Big Shot
Messages, AC and the Corona Update
No Need to Worry About Me
Air Conditioning a gift from God
Lucifer and my new Cellie
Something negative and something positive
Is It Time For Socialism
Corona Prison Update
Big Chief
Corona Update
Meditation and the Sweat Lodge
Corona Virus
Lockdown again
Lock Down and a Painting of Taylor Rose
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The Times Thes Are A Changin
Corrections, A Love Poeam and Prison Tattoos
Snitches Lie Part 2
Snitches Lie and An American Holocaust
Update on Amelia
Birthday and 40
Maya, My Partner, Amelia Update and The Money Shot
Instant Family
Medicare For All
I even saw the Goodyear Blimp
Death Penalty
Gran Torino
Lock Down and TVs



Shot Callers Part 16 The End of Mayor Mark
Shot Callers Part 15 On Yard Politics
Shot Callers Part 14 The Mayor of Corpus Christi
Shot Callers Part 13 Solid Ground sort of
Shot Callers Part 12 Thommy Fiore and Why We Fight Over Dumb Shit
Shot Callers Part 11 Trouble for Mayor Mark
Shot Callers Part 10 FCI Pollock
Shot Callers Part 9 My time at USP Florence comes to an end
Shot Callers Part 8 Dirty
Shot Callers Part 7 Mayor Mark Gets Blessed
Shot Callers Part 6 The Texas Massacre
Shot Callers Part 5 Facing my Fear
Shot Callers Part 4 The Aftermath of Charlie Brown
Shot Callers Part 3 USP Florence A Califoria Yard
Shot Callers Part 2 I was scared to death
Shot Callers Part 1 Who they are and how they’re made
My friend Mike and Shot Callers
Update from last entry and Joe
Prison Politics
Mexico and my Birthday
Barbers, Talking dogs and Thieves
Rollie Pollies, Mexico and Alice Johnson
Shoes, Letter and Boss Man
Does Humanity Have a Purpose?
Plants, Granddaughters and The Dope Laws
Correction, Pre-Release Committee, Easter and Mexico
Latest Photo with Boss Man
Call Outs, Blood Work and Boobs
The Duck and Boss Man, My Language and What the FORK!
Visit, Glass Castle, Messages
New Guy, Updated and Messages
Tom, Blog Updates and Messages

A reflection on 2017



Federal Prosecutors, Shawn Hannity and Pres. Trump
Thanksgiving in History and Prison
Books and Diapers, New Cellie, Boss Man and A Dog’s Weeder
Las Vegas, Pre-Release Class, Boss Man and Good News
Chris D., Football, Nicholas Sparks and Messaging Service
Football, Messages, 9-11 and Looters
Boss Man, My Daughter and American Football
Female Genital Mutilation
The Ironies of Life and the Boss Man
Whining and 42/20
Text #, Follow Up, and Tuna Fish in the Oatmeal
Blessed, Queers in Prison and ETs in Peru
You’re the Pistol and Why I am Repulsed by Cockroaches
Politics, Lucifer is back and my Hair
Sophie’s Violin
Grits and Fag Joke
Corrections and Appreciations
The Suicide of Lifer Convict Aaron Hernandez
Global Warming, New World Order, Euthenic
The Hole
Cheap Skate, Tennis Shoes and Karma
Laundry, Upbringin’, Books in Europe
Liberal or Conservative
On Loving Paintings, Blanket Email, Visit and Connie
169 paintings, Miracle at Three Rivers
More Lost Artwork