"Global Warming, New World Order, Euthenic"

This past weekend I watched a movie called “Inferno” – an adaptation of a Dan Brown book; it was not a memorable movie with the exception of one part where the movie bad-guy makes a compelling argument for the need to curb the “Plague,” as he called it, of human population growth. At the end of his very convincing argument he asks the viewer this compelling question, I paraphrase: ” There is a switch, if you flip it, half of the population on earth will be eliminated and the world will be saved. If you do not flip it, humanity will, in a hundred years (do to overpopulation), destroy the earth. Would you flip it? ”

As the movie carried out its plot I realized that the writer had accomplished his primary goal, which was not the movie plot, that was cover, but to be very subtle about bringing to the forefront of the average uninformed person, his opinion, that one of, if not the biggest problem facing the survival of our planet is not an alien invasion, nuclear warfare, religious differences, real and media created racism, butt implants or the myriad of other media distractions used to keep us in a permanent state of hypnotic slavery…but, to point out the very unpopular position that our biggest threat to our survival as a species is, our unwillingness to control our own population growth.

As the movie continued I was stuck on the question that had been asked, and I realized that I agreed with the premise, if not the manner, of the bad-guy in the movie. I do think that overpopulation is a huge problem to our planet, huge! The evidence is irrefutable – there are too many people on this planet and the majority of them are consumers, not contributors to the environment that sustains us. I understand that on the surface this seems heartless and cold…but is it true?

Over the years I’ve heard about the conspiracy theories of the Illuminati-esqe groups concerning things such as controlled wars, diseases, narco-slavery and general chaos. Though I consider most of that to be the wet dreams of paranoia, I also recognized that there indeed is a pattern seemingly linking them together in some endless chain of media, politics, entertainment industry and general orchestration by someone or something. In the end I had to admit that it appears that someone, or some group of someone’s were indeed not only instigating but controlling, chaos. Being that I didn’t have a Meridiana to point me in the right direction, I sort of overlooked it all like the proverbial coastal dweller who is so accustomed to living near the ocean that he overlooks it, even though it’s the biggest thing on the planet. But, deep inside I wondered why that infamous someone would take such drastic measures to do things that even a layman could see was detrimental to human life – why?

In my past writings I have been known to rag on Hollywood and its “Beautiful Fools”…but maybe I have been wrong. Maybe they are trying to tell us something with the best tool available to ’em…movies…movies like “Tomorrow Land and Inferno”. I suppose what I’m saying is that I have emptied my cup (the cup of all the things I was sure about) and am waiting to see if it refills with new, more accurate knowledge. I know…I know, it was a shock to me too…’cause I thought I knew it all! But maybe I have been wrong about a little of it, or a lot of it.

The Far Left Liberals in this country support things like the Pro-Life Movement and the Global Warming Agenda, to name a few that are relevant to this entry. I must admit to you that I have been on the opposite side of both of these issues. Why you ask. Well, the Pro-Life issue was sold to me with the anchor of “God” attached to it, just like it is sold to women with the anchor of “Choice” tied to it. Like i said earlier, I have spiritually matured and now believe that it IS a woman’s choice, or a couples choice, not the governments. It is every individuals right to create their own Karma, good and bad, and only God can judge which is which. That means that it is both a “Choice” issue and a “God” issue and the choice is between the woman and her God, not me and my understanding of God.

As for Global Warming – hell I don’t know why I was a dissenter, its not like I have any firsthand knowledge either way…Therefore in truth, up until I pondered the question of whether or not I’d flip that switch, I had no right to an opinion. So here again I’ll tell you that on the issue of Global Warming, I am open to information concerning it because I do believe that human birthrates are spiraling out of control…that and we had better be concerned with our environment, this is the only planet we have!

You are probably wondering where this ramble of verbosity is headed and why I am bringing up unpleasant issues like abortion. The answer of course is that I have racked my brain trying to figure out the logic of the Sorros, Gore, Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Warren et al agenda…not the crap they put out to the commoners, but the core issue that drives them to the extremes I see in there political outreach. I needed to understand why the hell they stood for a New World Order, which seemed to fly in the face of my Patriotism and God-ism. Things I had been raised to respect and defend…and then, in the middle of this damned movie I came to the realization that there is a war of ideology going on around us, one in which the average citizen is unaware of. Let me explain.

The Far Left: Followers of this position believe that there are too many people on the planet and that we are destroying our environment. They believe that as a result of having too many people on the planet that the resources, food, water and energy needed to sustain and support the population explosion coming in the next fifty to one hundred years will, irrevocably damage our environment beyond repair resulting in the destruction of earth…or at least, the destruction of humanity, therefore they support population control in all its forms. They want a New World Order, a One World Government that has total authority to save us from ourselves. They believe that they are justified in using any means necessary to accomplish their goals…They believe that they are saving the world.

The Far Right: They believe, or think that we have more time, that the earth can sustain the coming population explosion. The Far Right is inherently religious and believes that at some future point in time, when humanity is about to destroy itself that God will appear and save them from themselves, therefore, they don’t really have to be concerned with there actions…they believe that all human life is sacred and that population control is a sin. They believe that individual rights are more important than collective rights. They also believe that they are justified in using any means necessary to further their agenda.

Euthenics, according to Webster, “The study of the improvement of human functioning and well being by the control or adjustment of the environment.” That my friend is population control; population control is often referred to as Euthanasia.

Euthanasia, now there’s a word that burns when you touch it. Euthanasia, one of the most over-propagandized words ever, second only I suppose to the word “Nazi.” But are we justified in our distaste for this word and what it signifies? Are all humans sacred, or are we…a “plague” on our environment? Darwin (yeah that Darwin) said this.

“With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated and those that survive commonly
exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the
progress of eliminations; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick;
we institute “poor laws”; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of every
one to their last moment…thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind.
No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly
injurious to the race of man…hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.”
Charles Darwin, “Descent of Man” pg. 501

I have now realized the abortion issue, wars, famines and the Global Warming issue are in actuality individual switches being thrown in an effort to save our planet from overpopulation. Hard words. I suppose that it comes down to your vision of the future verses your vision concerning the divinity of humanity. Are we special, God’s chosen, or are we just smart animals? That my friend, is what is going on in my head…animal or god…probably somewhere in between. Gotta quit watching TV. 🙂

Peace be with you. Mark

Three Rivers, 4-21-17