Before you send anything to Mark, please contact him first. The F.C.I Hazelton has special rules and therefore it is essential
to be in contact with Mark first. It is important that he knows that you have sent him money, otherwise he will not know who it is from
and will not be able to say thank you. You can write him a letter with your email address and he can initiate to get in contact with you.

Mark also can not receive anything directly, no money and also no stamps. He also says that deliveries from the commissary do not work,
because the prison is afraid that illegal things are sent with it.

Mark paints and writes a lot, he would use donations to buy colors, canvas and writing utensils, or to be in contact with you via CorrLinks,
because that costs money too.

To send me money you can use Western Union Quick collect.

Mark Crawford #76603-079
City Code: FBOP
State Code: DC


Or you can mail a postal money order, to:
(The money orders must be purchased at a US Post Office location. )

Federal Bureau Of Prisons
Mark Crawford #76603-079
PO Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa, 50947-0001


Thanks for your interest. Peace be with you.