Chad Hollamon

My friend Chad wrote a book and he mentioned me in it. The title of the book is: Cries for Carteret: My Shot at Redemption

The story of the book: Being investigated by the federal government for drug and money crimes didn't deter Chad from continuing his criminal enterprise. In fact, it emboldened him as he dared the DEA and FBI to catch him. Being arrested by those same federal agents didn't force Chad to slow his life down. And being sentenced to forty years in prison didn't humble him. Not one bit. From a jail cell, he continued selling narcotics and even smuggling drugs into one of the most secure federal penitentiaries.

For years, Chad's life spiraled out of control as he witnessed drug overdoses, nonsensical violence, suicides, and murders. His life seemed destined for a negative outcome, until one conversation with a mass murderer completely changed his outlook on life. That singular conversation set off a chain of events that would ultimately lead Chad to a lifetime of atonement and redemption.

It is available on Amazon: Cries for Carteret: My Shot at Redemption



Sue Shepard

She is a very good friend to me and she has been supporting me for years. I alone can unfortunately support her too little, she needs something more, but together we can do more. If you would also like to support her a little, check out the site and it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word. Your interest and help is greatly appreciated: Gofundme.com

Thank you for your interest and your time