The Case

An unbelievable judgment! A judgment without proof and a motive.

He, a former two-time Mayor of Ingleside Texas, was convicted of a murder he did not commit. Ironically, Mark was tried not once,
not twice, but three times for this murder. The first trial ended in a hunger jury, the second trial an acquittal, and the third a conviction.

How? It's simple really; as the totality of the evidence now shows, Mark was framed. He was convicted for the murder of Nick Brueggen, racketeering and fraud is life without the possibility of parole.

Mark has been in prison since 1996, he was sentenced in 1999 and has been in federal prison since 2000.
25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and 21 years of which he lives in federal prison. What an effect of this fatal judgment!

This miscarriage of justice has had an extreme impact on Mark's life, it has changed everything, it has turned everything upside down,
it is an extreme challenge for him and his whole family. Wrongful convictions can simply destroy an entire life plan.

In the documents you can read the exact facts and through the affidavits the innocence of Mark becomes very clear.



Legal Case
Marks Legal Case


Thoughts and Overview
By Mark Crawford


of Mark Crawford


of William Noel


of John I. Thornton



New Theory
of Marks innocence
By Michael Barnes