Why Do I Have This Ugly Tattoo on my Forearm?

Starting in the 1930s and continuing till the end of the II World War in 1945 Hitler rounded up what he considered “Undesirables”, Jews in particular. These undesirables were put into groups, some went to the Concentration Camps for extermination, others were sent to Work Camps and used as slave labor for the Nazi War effort.

When the Jews, and other undesirables were first arrested they were forced to sit and endure the pain and humiliation of having a number tattooed onto their forearms. These tattoos of course were done in haste and without concern for pain or aesthetics, basically they were an ugly sign to all who happened to see them that the wearer was, undesirable, and had been deemed a “slave” to the State, targeted as a victim of what would later be deemed, “The Holocaust”.

As most of you know I have been referring to the American Prison System as “The American Holocaust”. No disrespect intended to those who went through the original Holocaust, but I couldn’t think of a stronger word, a stronger or more accurate more shocking word to use to describe the American Justice System.

What is a Holocaust? Well, in simple terms, it is the evil that people do against other people. I suggest that you go on-line and look at the proof of this for yourself.. My point being that, the American Justice System, has moved beyond law enforcement and into the realm of something inherently evil … and most folks don’t even know it. That’s my job – to try and bring attention to the atrocities and the long term consequences of America’s “War on Drugs” and the hypocrisy behind the false narrative of crime and criminals.


I have spoken on this in the past so I won’t go into any lengthy discussion about it here – but I will tell you, if you don’t count Immigration cases, that 90% of all the people who are in prison are here due to crimes somehow related to narcotics. Statistics will argue this, they will say that John so-n-so is here for bank robbery, or burglary, or some other form of theft. What they don’t tell you is that John so-n-so wasn’t stealing money for a new car, he was stealing to support a drug habit. I live with John so-n-so and I assure you he’s here on drug related crimes. Why does any of this matter to you?

Well, I’m guessing that you’ve heard of the Columbian Drug Cartels and the more violent Mexican Drug Cartels. But are you familiar with the fact that Mexico is one of the most violent countries on the planet? Are you aware that there are 90 murders a day in Mexico? Mexico is the murder capitol of the world!!! Why? What, you think these people are murdering each other over parking spaces? NO – this unrestrained spree of violent crime is due to the money made from the sales of “Illegal Drugs”! And where do you think that money is coming from? The United States, that’s where. According to the Wall Street Journal (11-16-19 money The Cartelization of Mexico) Americans spend almost $150 BILLION a year on Cocaine, heroine, meth, marijuana and synthetic opiates like fentanyl. Mexico isn’t strung out on drugs, Americans are – Mexicans are strung out on the MONEY being made selling ILLEGAL drugs!

What about the gang problem in this country – well, just go on-line and look it up for yourself – it’s ruthless! Hell, there’s TV show after TV show showing you the horrors of being “Inside” the Bloods, the Crips, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia and hundreds of others – yeah, these shows are quick to point out the violence of these groups and then pretend that these gangs are all about racism or racial injustice or some other false narrative. Trust me, everyone of these gangs, like every Cartel south of the border, exist ONLY because of the money being made in “ILLEGAL” drugs. It’s plain and simple, to quote Leonard Cohen “Everybody Knows” they just ignore the truth of what I just told you. Why? Because they’re in on the game! What game? The GAME mate is PROFIT, money, honey.

Here’s the truth. If you were to legalize drugs you would eliminate crime in not only this country, but in Latin America too. Yes, some people would die of drug overdoses, but if the drug addicts could buy their drugs legally they wouldn’t be out on the streets robbing you and your family to get the money needed for over priced illegal narcotics. Plus, your kids wouldn’t have to deal with all the gang violence and you wouldn’t have to worry about your own kids being gunned down in a gang-related drive-by-shooting. Because – there wouldn’t be any Turf Wars or violence to speak of.

Do you realize if the crime rate dropped by 90% you wouldn’t need 90% of the Police Force we now have? Yeah, no D.E.A. to speak of. No overcrowded court room docets – all the billions of your tax dollars supporting these over blotted organizations, gone. But, that’ll never happen because that’s the “Game” – to keep you so frigging scarred of crime that you can’t even contemplate the reality that the crimes you’ve been conditioned to fear, WERE CREATED by the very same laws you were TOLD would protect you. That’s the GAME. That’s why you can’t be allowed to think for yourself, because if you did you would understand the trick being played on you and then you’d understand that we don’t need all these laws, so why would they, The Justice Department, want to educate you to the truth and eliminate their own jobs by fixing the problem, by simply legalizing drugs …. because to do so would eliminate their tax-payer funded existence. So they play on your sense of fear, then get your preachers to go in the pulpit and tell you about the sins of drugs and there it is, you become convinced that to legalize drugs would be the death of America.

Remember the Prohibition on Alcohol? When they outlawed liquor people like Al Capone and thousands like him became rich and powerful off the money made from illegal liquor. And folks like you were conditioned to believe that it would be the death of America if they legalized alcohol – and what happened? They finally gave up the “War on Alcohol” and legalized it; and every prophecy of doom was proved a lie – America’s still here and all the liquor gangs are gone. It will be the same with the Drug Cartels and the Street Gangs, all gone as well. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful accomplishment! Legalize drugs and you take the profit out of the illegal sales and put the Drug Dealers out of business and eliminate the massive crime that goes with that industry. Wow, can you actually imagine a country without all our gang influence and violence … plus, and tell the truth here, wouldn’t you like to see the day when these f-ing drug dealers had to actually go out and get jobs! Yeah, take away their product and you eliminate their existence … think about it. NO GANGS!

So, why do I have this UGLY tattoo on my forearm?

What tattoo you ask.

Well, I have my Federal Prison ID number tattooed on my forearm just like the Jews I mentioned earlier. Why? Because I’m protesting the destruction that the “War on Drugs” has done to out country and the world as a whole. Because I’m protesting the inhumane prison sentences given out to drug offenders. Because I’m protesting the destruction of hundreds of millions of families torn apart by unthinkable prison sentences. Because I’m protesting the evil lies being told to American citizens. Because I’m protesting this War on Drugs, which is nothing more than a Holocaust on the poor – the undesirables, the weak and the addicted. When did we stop being a forgiving people and become a vindictive people? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know it’s all about money. And I do know that our Politicians have led this country down an evil path, so evil i fact that even the churches are a part of it. The Great Deceiver is preaching and we are all bowing down to his message of hatred, punishment and judgementalism. I don’t know when we as a nation became satanic, but I do know that we need to repent and change. That starts at the top … but the Top per se, is beyond redemption, therefore it has to start at the bottom with folks like you and I.

Some one asked me about my tattoo – I explained to them as I have explained to you – they listened, but didn’t. And as if to prove they hadn’t heard a thing I said, they ask me why I didn’t make a better looking tattoo, a prettier, less … ugly …tattoo, “Why so ugly”? I will tell you as I told them – I have an ugly tattoo because it represents an ugly thing. There is nothing pretty or cool or Godly about the American Justice System – it’s an ugly ugly goiter on the neck of the American people.

I have an ugly tattoo because it represents an ugly thing.

My request of you is simple, do your homework, open your eyes to reality … to help obtain true facts on this issue I ask that you go to this website: stopthedrugwar.org … and I ask that once you get the facts that you join me in getting your own tattoo, so that when folks ask you about it, and believe me, they will, you will have an opportunity to enlighten them, to awaken them to the evil being perpetrated on America. You say you don’t have a prison number to put on your arm? Well, that’s simple, pick one from one of the hundreds of thousands who have been a victim to the outragious prison sentences, or, you have my permission to put mine; 76603-079 I give it to you freely.

American Holocaust

Three Rivers, 2-12-21