Letter from Chad

Mayor Mark, Hope this finds you in the best of health and in the highest of spirits. Well, my time finally came! I was released under Clemency/Compassionate Release on February 11th. What a feeling it is my friend after 18 years away from loved ones.

I know you are smiling. I made it out because I changed, not because of dumb luck or a crack in the system, You deserve much credit for why I’m writing this at a kitchen counter and not from a prison cell. Years of suffering were endured to get to this point.

This is the first letter of many as I’m going to support you as you’ve supported me in your presence and beyond. Man, they just came to my cell on the 11th and said, “We don’t know who you know, but you’re going home today!”

Like a wish was suddenly granted. I grabbed my box of books and writings and hit the sidewalk. Inmates banged in their windows as I walked. They knew what time it was. I couldn’t wave. Only smiled and nodded my respect, and to confirm this Cracker’s time is up .

Even though I educated myself, the world had become more intellectual with technology. They have an edge on me in that regards, but I have something none of them have ever experienced; knowing life is beautiful every day no matter what obstacles appear. Each day is a new experience and adventure.

Please call me when you can. If for some reason it doesn’t go through, call back. I want to hear your voice after all these years. I love you, man. Respect, Chad

That my friend is a letter I received last night … have to admit, I almost cried, shit, I’m almost crying right now!!!

Chad and I did time together here at 3rvs an few years back. Eventually he was transferred to a prison close to his home in North Carolina. He has a beautiful daughter and I am sooo happy for them.

I put this very personal message out for all to see … why? So that you can be witness to two things, one: that there are good people in here. Two: so you can be witness the FACT that God is alive and performing miracles … FYI: I think Chad had a 35 year prison sentence.

Peace be with you, Mark

Three Rivers, 3-11-21