No Need to Worry About Me

Prison is full of people crying for help; would that they could find the willpower to help themselves. Today’s convicts cry foul for everything, they act as though society owes them something, but they do not. No man owes another retribution for the failures said person created.

I spent the majority of my years as a free man living carelessly, in fact I’d been walking barefoot through a field of snakes my whole life, so it’s no wonder that I got bit. And I can tell you that Prison has cost me allot; time with my children, freedom, respect and on top of it all, a good wife, but I’ll not complain about this path I have chosen, for it is mine and mine alone, however, I will leave you with these few lines to think about!
It is easy to think that I am walking the road of lowest possibilities, but, it is important to understand that not all people are meant to walk the same road.
Sometimes what seems the higher ground, is in truth the lower, and sometimes the lower is in reality the higher. For me, this, the seemingly lowest of all life possibilities, has brought me to the place of my own highest thinking and therefore my own highest potential.
With the loss of my feet I have learned to walk. By walking with no feet I have learned to see. By seeing I have touched the pearl in the mud. And, inside of that pearl were my feet.

Peace be with you all.

Three Rivers, 7-11-20