Lucifer encounters

In our cellblock are 8 showers for us to use, 4 on the top tier and 4 in the bottom. These showers are regular sized, comparable to what you have in your homes. The difference is that we do not have a closed shower door or shower curtain, we have a swinging door similar to an Old West barroom door. Point is, when you walk up to the shower you can see the very bottom of the shower stall and the very top, over and under the door. Each shower has a light and a light switch – most of the time though, this light is off – there’s always enough light from outside the shower to see.

2 of the showers on the bottom tier, in the Northwest corner of the cellblock, are good showers, meaning that the water comes out hot and steady. Being that these two showers are better than the others in that regard, people like me, prefer to use them. But … for some reason that end of the building is where Lucifer and his minions live. I related a story to you a few years back about how Lucifer had waited for me to get into the shower and then trapped me in that shower by standing between me and the door, daring me to try and get out – he’s an evil bastard! For the record I no longer use those showers; even though I prefer them.

Well, there’s a guy here named Willis who happens to live right in front of those 2 showers, maybe four steps away. So he naturally likes to use them. The other day he lays his glasses down on his locker and goes to the shower. He said that when he walked up to the shower, he, of course, took a peek inside before entering. He said he saw what looked like a bat in the top corner of the shower – we have bats here and occasionally they get trapped in the building … I love bats!! So he goes and gets his glasses, turns the light on to take a closer look … and yeah, it wasn’t a bat, it was Lucifer hanging on the wall waiting to assault whoever came in. Like me Willis was afraid to try and kill him – plus, killing him does no good, he’s F-ing LUCIFER! He reincarnates! No! It’s true. There can’t possibly be more than one roach that big, plus this roach has red eyes and is bulked up like a body builder. He’s a monster! Read my other postings about him. But, this Willis encounter is not the worst of it. Listen to this.

My old celliee, Blackstone, went in that same shower a couple days ago …. Hell! I don’t have any idea why, hell you couldn’t get me to go in that shower if you told me Jennifer Aniston was in there waiting on me! Anyway, he goes in there right … I already told you, I don’t know why he’d go in there, maybe his mom, who’s reading this, Hi Joann, dropped him on his head when he was a baby. I don’t know, but he went in there. And while he was showering, Lucifer attacked him – yep, ran right up the back of his bare leg, headed, presummably straight for the Promise Land … Oh yeah, he’s a freak!

So, Blackstone knocks this monster off his leg and then proceeds to stomp him out. Well, next thing he knows, out of nowhere, one of Lucifer’s minions jumps off the the ceiling trying to attack him! Yeah, the F-ing CEILING! and tries to attack him! So there Blackstone is, in the shower, being accosted by the spawns of hell and no one will help him. Eventually he kills the both of them, but, like I said, Lucifer reincarnates, so I can assure you he’ll be back and probably looking for me next time… man, I’m traumatized just telling you this story. Makes me sick to my stomach.

FYI: the last time when Lucifer came in my cell, he did so by walking in under my door … no, there’s a huge gap under my door, huge. Well, I’ve since started wedging a towel under my door to make it more difficult for him to get in.

I’m not kidding here, this damned roach is evil and disgusting; huge red eyes, bat like wings – he’s repulsive and … I know it’s hard to believe but he’s got a set of nuts on him like a Brahma Bull … yeah, just hanging all over the place. I’m not trying to get touched by any of that. Anyway, I’ll keep you up on his activities.


Three Rives, 3-25-21