Another Birthday


Well. I had another birthday last month 🙂 had a really good day; I painted good, came back from work to find I had a slew of messages from my kids and grandkids, made my day even better. Later that day the fellas gave me some food they’d made for the occasion, some chocolate candy (I love chocolate), then they gave me a home-made card with a big wiener drawn on it … what? Yeah, a wiener, a penis! yes, I know we’re a crud, immature group, have to admit it (I fit right in :)). They all signed it of course – complete with all manner of vulgar comments … good to be loved and respected.


Every poisoner in the Federal System has been given an ID number – mine of course is 76603-079. These numbers are given to not only identify us, but to identify the geographical area where we were arrested, let me explain.

Our last three numbers, in my case 079, indicates a region of Texas, the South Texas Region. North Texas and West Texas have their own number, so do other states. All kinds of different numbers signifying states and even areas in those states.

The first five numbers are a census number, meaning that I was the 76,000th, 600 and 3rd person arrested in South Texas since they started giving Federal numbers. So, in all the years of Federal Prison there were 76,602 people, men and women, sent to prison from this area. Remember, that’s just this area of Texas, alone. What am I driving at? Well, let’s put this into perspective.

There are new guys now coming into the system with 479 numbers!!!!! What does this mean? Well, every time those first five numbers go past 99,999 people the last 3 numbers roll over from 079 to 179 to 279 to 379 to 479 to 579 etc. … What does that mean? you ask. Well, first , it tells you that however many years of Federal Prison System there were 76,602 people FROM THIS AREA who went thorough the the prison system – I was given my number in 1997 ( I got this number after I was acquitted in San Antonio by the State Court, hence 1997 instead of 1996 when I was actually arrested) since then the Feds have arrested AND convicted AND sent to prison, from this area, nearly a half a million people!!!! Think about this … Doesn’t that bother you? Doesn’t that say something about our country? What does this say? … Well, it seems to say that since 1997, South Texas, has suddenly become evil, requiring the Federal Government to send four times as many people to prison in 25 years as it did in all the years prior to 1997! Or is it something else? like too many bullshit laws. How about that for the truth. You need to wake up!

Biden promised Prison Reform during the election – ain’t done shit yet – still hoping. But Prison Reform ain’t the answer – the answer is, he needs to change the laws – he needs to do away with the “Ghost Dope” laws, the “Conspiracy” laws and the laws that allow, even encourage and reward “Snitches” to lie on the witness stand … see related rants on my Blog site ( dates 2-9-21 and 11-24-20 titled, “Why do I have This Ugly Tattoo on my Arm” and “Is there something wrong with our country”. Read these and then pass them along to as many people and Prison Reform Organizations as you can … thanks.


Yes, with all the new people my 079 number is a badge of respect, only the oldest of the old carry that number. Hell one of the guys put this on my birthday card, ” Shit your getting old. In fact I heard Jesus had an 079 number :)” Made me smile! It’s good to be loved – just wish our government and Christians would find a little bit of that love and forgiveness Jesus taught.

66 and still a kid 🙂 Want to say happy birthday to my son Marco, my daughter “Slim” (Azteca) and my friend Becky Marshall.

Peace be with you all.

Three Rivers, 8-24-21