"Federal Prosecutors, Shawn Hannity and Pres. Trump"

I was flipping through some AM radio stations the other day and stopped to listen to Shawn Hannity ( maybe misspelled ) and he was ranting on how “unfair and illegal” the Federal Prosecutors investigating President Trump were. He sited, and factually so, that several FBI agents had been and probably still are, NOT interested in FACTS, but ONLY interested in building a case against Trump so they prosecute him. He went on to name several Federal Prosecutors that had been hired by the Justice Department who have been “proven!!!” to be crooked, liars and fabricators of false evidence – he sited one in particular, a man named Andrew Weismann.

Thas bastard of a human being, Weismann, has a history of fabricating and hiding evidence in cases he takes to trial in order to procure unjustified convictions. He single handedly, according to Mr. Hannity, put Arthur Anderson out of business through manipulated evidence, putting thousands of Arthur Anderson employees out of work. He also prosecuted and put four Merrill Lynch employees in PRISON, by withholding evidence which proved their innocence … lucky for them, the Supreme Court on a 9 – 0 decision, reversed their convictions and set them free… but not before they spent all their savings trying to defend themselves, and not before they went to prison for crimes Mr. Weismann KNEW they didn’t commit. But, under the Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama Justice Dept, there were no consequences for his, Mr. Weismann’s crimes… not even a slap on the wrist …in fact, after his moral and criminal actions, he went on to be hired by Robert Mueller to try and prosecute President Trump. There is even evidence against Andrew Weismann for threatening the family members of witnesses in order to gain favorable testimony. This guy is so corrupt that a book called “License to Lie ” was written about him! I’ll add that this book was published in 2014, long before Mr. Trump was even a candidate, so this book isn’t some political ploy written by Trump supporters. This man, Andrew Weismann, and the folks Robert Mueller has hired to investigate Trump, are nothing more than gangster’s with badges, “Legal Terrorists” without remorse, worse than any of us, whom they prosecute.

Hannity went on to point out the little known FACT, that Federal Prosecuters, cannot, be held accountable in a Court of Law, for their actions. Nope, you can’t call Thomas J. Henry and sue one of these bastards when you find out that they withheld evidence, or used false testimony, or just flat out lied and sent you, or someone you love to prison. The truth is this: Grand Juries are a joke. They never hear from your lawyer, they only hear from the Prosecutor, who will without accountability, lie to get what they want. Trust me, if a State or Federal Prosecutor wants you to get indicted, you’re getting indicted!

Do you know that over half the population in these prisons are either “snitches” or wannabe snitches? Do you know that a Federal Prosecutor can walk in here and offer two of these snitches freedom to testify against, YOU, someone they never had business with, and get a conviction against YOU in a Court of Law? Let me break this down a little bit. Let’s say someone in Law Enforcement wants YOU, for whatever reason. In order to seize all of your assets, and put YOU in prison, all they need, under current law, is “two” people willing to testify against YOU, as witnesses to your alleged crimes. So they go through their list of known snitches, find two who’ve had some kind of contact with you, give them a free pass on their own crimes, and a story to tell against YOU – and you’re done! You’re ruined no matter who you are. Trust me, no one is safe, I have done time with a New Orleans Police Officer, an FBI Agent they entrapped and put into prison, and an ex-Mayor, who’re all victims of these flawed “Conspiracy” laws, and if THEY get their way, they’ll take down a sitting American President, too! It’s an evil system that not only eats the citizens, but occasionally turns on its own Law Enforcement people, as well. As my brother once said, “There is no justice in America. Only a chance at it.”

Still can’t hear me? Well, let me give some personal facts that I have factual PROOF of.

In my case The FBI went to a handful of my friends and acquaintances, and told them the outright lies, to include – are you ready for this? – that they had credible evidence that I was planning to have them, people they identified as potential witness, killed! Yeah. How do I know this? Because two of the, at least five people I know about, refused to believe them and called one of my family members to pass on what was being said. Three others, got on the witness stand and lied about seeing me with one of the men involved in my case, something he himself had previously denied, but with the Federal Prosecutor preventing his statements from being admitted into evidence, and the new found witness who say they saw him in my office, it was enough to convince a jury, that I had planned the murder I now stand convicted of.

Nope, I ain’t some whinning convict here. I did break some laws, and I do have an element of culpability in my case, so I have no bitches. I am merely pointing out the fact, that our Justice System, is flawed. Hell, I know that Shawn Hannity doesn’t give a damn about me, or the other countless numbers of average citizens who have been either convicted or been given unfair sentences due to Prosecutorial, or Law Enforcement misconduct, but now that those same corrupt Government laws and employees are turning on Mr. Trump, I hope that they will wake the hell up and realize that our Legal System, has gone to far to the right, politically.

What to do, Mr. Trump

Well. The first thing you need to do is to fix the Supreme Court. During your campaign you said that you wanted to nominate Judges like Antonin Scalia – remember Mr. Trump, that Antonin Scalia, and those who think like him are the one’s who’ve helped create, with the far-right-wing Congressional Members, the laws that have been used against the American people, and are now being used against YOU and YOURS! So if you really want to “Make America Great Again”, nominate some FAIR and IMPARTIAL judges, ones who are not on the far-right or the far-left, but ones who are open minded enough to vote their own conscious without the political agendas, ones who will not allow the kind of shenanigans that State and Federal Prosecutors like Andrew Weismann and others like him perpetrate against “We the people”.

President Trump, I’m gonna tell ya something ya need to hear, but never will from the folks around you – So put your Big Boy pants on, because this is gonna hurt! You ready? Here goes – The best thing that’s happened to justice in a long time is, that Antonin Scalia died. And I’m gonna tell ya something else ya don’t wanna hear – just because a man like Scalia says he believes in Jesus, don’t mean that he, or they ARE “like” Jesus in their heart or in their actions. Antonin Scalia – good riddance.

Mr. Hannity, President Trump – you can’t keep supporting lawmakers and laws that lock everyone up, and then be surprised when those same laws are used against YOU!

Welcome to my world, Mr. Hannity!

Peace be with you all and may The AllFather/AllMother bless you and your family during this Christmas coming.

Three Rivers, 12-15-17