“Death Penalty”

Recently Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Now, I don’t propose to know whether he’s a good candidate or a bad one, don’t know enough about him to say either way. What I do know about him is that he has come out publicly and said he’s in favor of doing away with, the Death Penalty. Being in a precarious position of a “Lifer Convict” AND a man who believes in personal accountability I had to ask myself where I stand on this issue. And, the answer came surprisingly easy. Beto is right on this issue. We should do away with the Death Penalty.

Now, I can hear all the “Self-Rightious” (hope you give a little thought to the meaning of that phrase) will immediately say, ‘Of course you agree with Beto. You’re a damned criminal!’ and you are right about that. Being a Convicted Criminal, and, a Convicted Murdered on top of that, has, given me a perspective different from the average citizen. But being a convicted criminal has NOT damned my thought process to hell, as you might think. In fact, my being a convict has, if anything, brought me closer to the teachings of Jesus than any Sunday Sermon, or Bible verse ever did. No, I don’t walk around with a Bible in my hand. No, I don’t watch TD Jakes on the TV, in fact when the guys put his show on, I get up and walk away. But don’t let that fool you, as a result of being a prisoner, I am closer to God than I’ve ever been before. It is prison that taught me to see past all the Religious Bullshit, to examine myself and to see Gods purpose in my life, such as it is. It was my loss of freedom that enlightened me to the fact that 99% of what folks think is God, is actually, the human Ego. So, yes, my perspective as a Convict HAS altered my vision of life. SO, it is fair for you to imply that I’m jaded. But, I will argue that my status as a criminal hasn’t stained my thought process as you might be inclined to believe. I think that my incarceration has instead Awakened me to the real teachings of Jesus, teachings that folks like the Siddha Yoga people, and others like them have taught me to see. I am Awake! I see the illusion, the trickery, the false gods of those who believe it their duty to pass eminent judgment on everything and everybody who thinks or believes differently. I am awake, and I owe this awakening of spirit to my CONVICTIONS (lol. a little play on words). The Death Penalty is NOT a teaching of Jesus, it’s a teaching of Judaism. The Old Testament does Not reflect the teachings of Jesus, no matter how hard you try to say otherwise. In fact Jesus called the teachers of the Old Testament, “Vipers” and children of the Devil. That’s what I know about spiritual things. This is what I know about physical things.

I know it’s wrong to Lie. I know it’s wrong to cheat. I know it’s wrong to hurt other people. My Sunday School Teacher taught me this, but my momma taught them to me first. And I know that you’re a Criminal, if not in the eyes of man, then in the eyes of God, if you intentionally do these things. Therefore, I must conclude that, since all Government Prosecutors lie, fabricate false testimony and withhold evidence in order to gain convictions and do so fully understanding that it destroys the lives of people, that ALL Government Prosecutors are criminals, if not in the eyes of man, then in the eyes of God.

No, I ain’t defending CRIMINALS. I’m only pointing out that not all criminals are in prison. Don’t believe me, well, look at what Trump is going through! Look at how Robert Mueller and his band of attack dogs, all FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTORS have attacked him, his family, and his friends! Look at how they have destroyed the lives of the people they’ve targeted. Is this acceptable? I’m not asking you as a Democrat or a Republican, I’m asking you as a Human Being! Is it ok for the Government to fabricate evidence in order to destroy the lives of people they “THINK” is guilty, or don’t like? Is it ok for a Government, any government, to lie, cheat and fabricate destructive evidence against it’s citizens? Look, it’s a simple question. Is it? Well, here’s the point I’m trying to make.

Do I support abolishing the Death Penalty? Yes. I do. But not because I’m someone sitting in a church pew who believes the teachings of Jesus, but because I’m someone who has awakened to the truth that the Justice System is flawed; that The Government has unlimited resources to spend on convicting it’s citizens while simple folks must rely on understaffed, underfunded Public Defenders to defend them. This and, as I’ve already stated … Prosecutors LIE, CHEAT, FABRICATE FALSE TESTIMONY AND HIDE EVIDENCE that is contrary to their case – I know it, you know it and Trump now knows it. The problem is, I’m in prison and Trump has sold out to Party Politics, meaning, he’s unable, and won’t, do anything to hold the Justice Department accountable. That leaves you, the citizen. SO listen closely.

Whenever you’re called to Jury Duty – serve! And when you’re on Jury Duty don’t assume that the defendant is automatically guilty. In fact, assume the opposite, the they’re innocent UNTIL proven guilty, beyond a s shadow of a doubt! And remember, the only thing you can correctly assume is this … the Prosecutor has unlimited resources, and will lie, cheat, and fabricate evidence in order to put a citizen, like you, or the President of the United States in jail, if they are so inclined.

This is why I support Beto and his wanting to abolish the Death Penalty … because I too have experienced the Trump Syndrome with the Government lying, fabricating testimony and even threatening me by telling me they’ll put my son in prison! Truth is, the Justice System can not be trusted! Well, that and I actually believe that even the worst among us, the baby rapers, the drug dealers, the murders … can actually find God, and change! I think Jesus believed that, too! So don’t listen to that spiritual dwarf in the pulpit who tells you otherwise.

FYI: If you want to read about how corrupt Federal Prosecutors are, read, “License to Lie” sorry, I don’t know the authors name but, I heard her on the radio, and she’s got the facts!

If you’re interested in some really good spiritual teachings, do as I’ve done, and enroll in the Siddha Yoga Courses @ Siddhayoga.com … you know what. I ain’t sure about that website address. If that’s wrong they’re address is Siddha Yoga, PO Box 99140, Emeryville, California 94662. I do appreciate them and all they do for prisoners, worldwide. Crazy thing is, these Hindu’s have taught me more about the teachings of Jesus than any preacher ever did.

Peace from behind bars! Peace be with you all.

Three Rivers, 5-2-19