Why do Muslims hate us?

This is a much talked about subject, but is it true? Do Fundamental Muslims hate us?

The answer is, yes, they do. But not for the reasons you've been told.

The Muslims do not hate us because we are of a different religion, a different culture; because we're Americans or Westerners, they hate us because they perceive us as a threat to them, to there beliefs.

They hate us because they recognize that we have become ill as a society. They fight against us because they see us as a leprous entity, as a disease, trying to influence their culture, trying to replace their culture with our cuture. Remember, we are the ones who are over there trying to force our social beliefs on them, trying to force our Entertainment Industry and our morals on them, that is why they are fighting us. They, like Christians of fifty years ago, do not want our BET music videos with it's round-the-clock sexual exploitations of women, our heavy metal anger, our prostitution, our divorce rate, our prison systems, our hairdo's, our pants hanging off the butts of their children, our child pornography, our nudity on the TVs their children watch, our welfare system, or any of the thousand+ different drug-driven gangs.... none of it. So before you hate them in return, at least understand that the THINGS they hate about us are the same things your GRANDPARENTS hate about us, the same things your Ministers USED to caution you about. The truth is, if we were morally health as a people, we would have very little problem with the Muslim. After all, how much problem did we have with them fifty or a hundred years ago? None.

I contend that the Muslim is the enemy ONLY because they see us as unhealthy, and are doing what any parent would do to protect their children from something they perceived as harmful.

Please, listen to me, on this subject, the Muslim is right, and we are wrong. Do not be one of those people who are so blinded by the illusion of patriotism that you cannot see the reality of truth, even when it is bleeding on the streets in front of you. Don't close your ears to the lamentations of your children who are the ultimate victims of this present violence and moral suicide. We are suffering and dying by the millions from drug addictions, child prostitution is rampant in our society, women are openly subjected to sexual exploitation, decent people can't even walk the streets after dark, and money is the new GOD of our Western Society. Isn't it time to put a stop to all this Babylonian madness? Aren't you a little bit afraid of what you see going on around you? Of course you are, so, be adult enough to admit that maybe others are right to reject our culture. Hell, I reject it; we are the ones who are wrong. So, help me do something about it, even if what you believe is unpopular. Stand up and say something. Pass this message to your FB friends. Open your eyes ... and pray for us!

No, I am not justifying the things about Islam that we don't agree with, all I'm saying is, try to understand that even though there are issues where they are wrong, there are also issue where they are right.

Peace be with you. Mayor Mark, out.


Bruceton Mills, 12-10-22