TextHi Y'all. Well, last time we spoke I told you about how someone had contacted me about my text #, well, that's a dead issue now, the feds shut my number down. No, it ain't like that, they just don't want us to be in contact with other inmates at other facilities, for obvious reasons, drugs and gang activity ... and, I was doing that with my old cellie @ 3rvs, NO idjit, not drugs or gang stuff, we're just friends. It's on me. Point is, if you want to contact me now you have to do it the old fashion way. Good news is, I hear rumors that the Feds are going to start up their own text service and rent it to us ... just a rumor, but anything these bureaucrats can do to make a buck, they'll do, so I think it will happen, not soon, but sometime.

Positive Things

I am not happy here, but, it's my fault I'm here, so I'll not complain. In fact I'll look for the positive things that are here. APPLES: yeah they have some really good apples here. And the store here is far superior to the one at 3rvs. Plus, I've not seen a single cock-roach since I've been here. And the showers. At 3rvs the showers are open, well not completely, they have those swinging bar type doors, here we have actual shower curtains. Why is that so important? Well, a prisoner needs privacy when he showers, no, not because of that, but ... well, the showers are where we go to cry.

Peace be with you. Until next time. mark


Bruceton Mills, 5-12-2023