Corona Virus

NO, I didn’t die from the Corona Virus!!

I know, I know. The reason you ain’t heard from me is I ain’t had any money … money! Yeah! Federal Prisoners have to pay to use the email! Yep, five cents a minute; doesn’t sound like allot, but when you ain’t got it, it’s a damned fortune. Of course I have a job, I ain’t one of them slackers we see runnin’ about, but remember, we were Locked Down all of January, so no check (we get paid monthly … I make between 45 – 60 dollars per month) at the beginning of February. Then we were locked down for half of February and now, due to the Corona Virus we ain’t working in March either! Yeah, a Krackers doin’ some hard time in here.

Not a big deal? Well I beg to differ, this Blog is the only way I have to get my thoughts over these fences … this isn’t an ego thing, it’s much more important than that. This Blog, my books, my artwork is my way of telling the world I’m still alive! That I’m not the monster that I’ve been made out to be. That I have something to say … that I’m trying to stay positive, to improve myself … that I’m not worthless. Yeah, it’s important, to me, whether folks take the time to read it or not. So … yeah, I’ve missed y’all.

Corona and what’s going on in here

Let me start by saying that I’m probably in the safest environment I could be in. How? Well, the Prison Staff has taken a lot of precautions to keep us safe. First, they have consigned us to our cell blocks. This means we seldom leave the particular building we are housed in – no work, no school, food brought to our doors – so I’m only exposed to the 120 or so men living my cell block. Therefore, unless one of these prison guards bring it in from the streets, we ain’t gonna get it. To prevent that, the guards get screened everytime they enter the yard – so I’m pretty safe. But that doesn’t mean I ain’t bitchin’. cause I am … Painting! I can’t paint; can’t get to the Art Room! Yeah, that’s my bitch, that and my friends and family can’t visit. But, truth be told, Staff, here at 3rvrs is doing a pretty good job of minimizing our exposure.

I spoke to Slim (my daughter Azteca) last night, I was a little worried about my family; I had seen on TV that her friends husband tested positive. But, when I called I found out that the whole family was safe and hanging out at her place, well, with the exception of my granddaughter, Maya, she lives in London 😦 Yeah, London – she’s a big shot model – but Slim assured ne that she was on quarantine and safe. I’m gonna give her a call in the morning. I know, I’m bragging! Maya takes my calls!! 🙂 Yep, I’m really close with her, with all my grandchildren, actually. A little shout out to another of my granddaughters, Isabella who has a birthday next week!! Happy Birthday! She’s a doll too!! No, I ain’t kidding about that – all my granddaughters are knockdown gorgeous – Crawford genes, obviously.

So, my son took care of my money problem, actually, my kids have always taken care of me … you don’t know how embarrassing it is to have to ask your kids for money – it’s the worst, that’s why I took a job, so I wouldn’t have to ask – but, who could have foreseen I wouldn’t be able to work for a whole year … thank God for my kids. I mean that. I may be in here, but who among you is loved more by his kids and grandkids, than me!

I’m counting my blessings! Hope you are too!!

Peace be with you, stay safe and remember how lucky you are.

Three Rivers, 3-28-20