"Football, Messages, 9-11 and Looters"

Well, I vowed to boycott American Football this year by not watching it or any of the commentary shows about it. And I have to admit that this past thursday, when the first game came on, I was looking for reasons to break my vow, but I stayed the course and didn’t watch it. Then Sunday came around and the TV was full of games to watch, I didn’t and I was ok with it…(disclaimer) but my beloved Cowboys didn’t play until about 7:30pm, so it was easy. I went to the art room and painted.

As the Cowboys game got closer to game time people were coming up and reminding me about the game…”I’m not watching football this year,” I explained.

“But it’s Dallas! And Jerry Jones ( the owner of the Cowboys ) went public and said that “Kneeling during the National Anthem, was not for Dallas. (paraphrased)” They gave me all the excuse I could ever ask for, because ONLY Jerry Jones, of ALL the Football League owners, had the guts to stand up to the racists and buck the “Freeloader” mentality and make a public statement…that was all the excuse I needed.

But I noticed that the guys were watching me, me, standing and sacrificing for my values, and some were even encouraging me to break weak, to be like everyone else in this prison…”It really doesn’t matter, “Nobody cares, or will even see what we do in here,” “We’re prisoners. What we think or do is not relevant.” And they were right. Nobody cares what I think…but the other cons were watching me, some even hoping that my love of the game would trump my personal convictions. So…now I ask you. What do you think I did? Did I watch “ONLY” the Cowboy game, or did I stand on my principles?


I have been listing a phone number for yall to send text messages to…Well, I recently found out that my service has been temporarily discontinued. So all the time I’ve spent trying to direct you to sending me messages that way is, well, for right now, out of service. Sorry. If it comes back on line I’ll let you know.

Remember, I’m a prisoner. I have no control over anything, to include the clothes I wear, what or when I eat or when I can see my own children – so please be patient.

A few messages answered.

Becky Marshal: Good to hear from you, and Happy Birthday. I hope that you and your family are good. Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Peace be with you.

Anna and Eddie: Glad that yall made it through the storm – and yes, the Boss Man is better. Thanks mark.

Karla Sawburger: Hi little sister. You sure grew up!! I don’t know what the hell your family was feeding you, but if you could put it in a bottle, you’d get rich!! Thank you for remembering me and give my regards to your family. mark


TV has pretty much removed the terrible images of the 9-11 attack from mainstream society. You seldom, if ever see the Towers being hit, or…God help them, the people who chose to jump to their deaths as opposed to burning to death. HORRIBLE, can’t even imagine having to make that choice.

However, the History Channel did a series on 9-11-17 called “Leading up to 9-11” and it was on our TV (the white TV) all day long (thanks Chris D. who posted up and made sure it didn’t get changed.). If you didn’t see it, I would strongly recommend that you get on line and watch it. I will add that the History Channel hid nothing, not the lies, the deceits, the mistakes or the false truth’s put out before hand by the Clinton Administration…complete with the documentation to let you know what a failure Bill Clinton really was. It was all there, with the proof and they edited out nothing, not even the horrors that the innocent people suffered that day, hard to watch without getting teared up. A must see event. Where was I when 9-11 happened?

I was in the Federal Penitentiary in Florence Colorado when it happened. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had a cell on the second floor. I came down the stairs and saw a crowd of men looking up at one of the TV’s hanging on the wall, and then I saw the first Tower damaged and smoking. A few minutes later I watched as the second Tower was struck…later that day some of the hate America idiots were laughing and the tension began to rise, side were taken…then the cops locked us down. Good thing too, because folks were gonna get hurt. When we came out the Prison Administration had pulled off the yard all of the Arab Muslims and put them into protective custody. Yeah, some American Anarchists and Nation of Islam guys that weren’t pulled off the yard got knocked in the head over the next month or so.

You might not know it, but there’s a lot of Patriots in prison, folks who love God and Country…I ain’t defending the actions of no one. But as surely as I tell you that there are some real bad people here, I’ll tell you that some of the finest people I’ve ever known, are also here in prison. Sometimes good people make bad decisions, that don’t mean they’re bad people, just people who made mistakes.


I just saw on the TV news some film of Looters in Houston robbing a store…men, women and children running around like a bunch of savages, robbing after the Hurricane. Yeah, usually that type of info is sanitized too, hidden from the working folks. You know why? Well, let me tell ya…it’s because the type of people who think its okay to loot after a disaster, are the same folks who think its alright to disrespect the National Anthem at football games, and the type of people who think its ok to loot are the same folks who laugh when America’s attacked. The media, and the Government (same thing) don’t want you knowing that because if the average, workin’ person, in this country knew the truth…they’d get angry and do something about it.

Remember, there are two kinds of people, those who produce and those who take. You work, they loot…they loot after tragedies, they loot the Welfare System, they loot the Unemployment System and they loot the Moral Values of our society. Truth. The world would be a lot better off if it had a whole lot less people on it.

Sides are bein’ chose. Which side are you on?

Love you guys. Mark

Three, Rivers 9-14-17