Snitches Lie / Part 2

I know that some of you may have a problem believing just how corrupt our legal system is, especially when it comes to “Snitches”. But today I came across an interesting story in the San Antonio Express Newspaper dated Sept. 15, 2019, pg. A14; it’s an Associated Press article by Dave Collins called “New laws crack down on jailhouse informants”. In his report Mr. Collins goes on to tell us that in some states the State Houses of Representatives are so appalled by the abuse of informant testimony that they are actually passing laws to try and regulate “Snitch” testimony. In his article Mr. Collins gives the facts on just how unreliable “Snitches” are. He also talks about how the rampant lying of “Snitches” is being exposed by DNA. If you can’t believe me when it comes to this evil practice perpetrated on your children by the Justice System, then read the facts for yourself; read this story.

Recently on TV I saw a movie called “Trial By Fire” with Laura Dern. This movie is a true story about a guy in Texas who was accused and convicted of murdering, by fire, his three daughters; horrible right! Well, read on.

This fellow in this case was an abusive drunk who mentally and physically abused his wife; FYI, his wife’s brother was a city cop. To make a long story short, he was convicted of using a can of gasoline to set his own house on fire, thereby killing his three children as they slept. Motive, there was none, other than the fact that he was a mean bastard and the whole damned town wanted it to be true … oh yeah, there was a jailhouse “Snitch” who testified at his trial that he’d, of course, confessed. He was found Guilty and sentenced to death.

While on Death Row a woman started visiting him, a complete stranger, as a result of this interaction she began to look into his case and after seeing multiple inconsistencies, began to fight for him on the outside. She went to visit the “Snitch”, she talked to the Prosecutor, his Public Defender Lawyer and then convinced an expert on the Crime of Arson to look at the evidence presented against him at trial … this expert found that the fire, in his EXPERT opinion, with the facts of course, was started by a faulty Space Heater in the house, not from a can of gasoline. This lady, the Laura Dern character, and his Lawyer took this evidence to the authorities who sent it to then Governor Rick Perry … Governor Perry ignored it. Two days before he was to be executed the “Snitch” found his conscious and in a written confession admitted that he lied in Court; he added that he was coerced by the Prosecutor to do it, this too was covered ignored.

In my case there was ONE fingerprint, out of hundreds, that tied me to the Crime Scene, ONE! The Crime Scene of course was my own warehouse, a place where I stored my cars. So my Lawyer argued that “Of course you’ll find Mr. Crawford’s fingerprint in his own garage”. But, between us, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d set foot in that warehouse. I mean I drove out there a time or two, and even went inside to talk to the guy I had working out there, but touching things, leaving fingerprints on duct tape – that I couldn’t remember doing, in fact, I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen, but there it was, a piece of duct tape under the metal tool box supposedly used in the murder of Nick Brueggan, with my fingerprint on it, and there he was, a supposed fingerprint expert for the State of Texas telling the jury that he had used the accepted F.B.I. criteria to “positively” identify that fingerprint as mine. Like my Lawyer said, not unusual to find my print in my warehouse, right! However, because that print was on a piece of duct tape, and duct tape, according to the “Snitch”, was supposedly used in the murder, it made me look guilty, or at least it was a piece of the evidence, a brick in the wall, per se … and it fit perfectly, too perfectly with the “Snitch’s” story.

After my conviction a REAL fingerprint expert in California reviewed the testimony given at my trial by the State Expert, and found out that he’d … yep, LIED! Yeah, he lied about being able to prove the fingerprint on that piece of tape was mine … and even though my Attorney was obviously ignorant to F.B.I. standards, the Prosecutor and the Judge both knew the F.B.I. criteria used for positively identifying fingerprints, yet, in all three of my trials both the State Prosecutor and the Federal Prosecutor, and both Judges allowed this fingerprint expert to give false testimony to the jury … I’ve already told you about the Judge and Prosecutor allowing three of my former employees to give false testimony, and now I’m tellin’ you about the fingerprint lie, and that wasn’t the half of it, but, I ain’t gonna go into all that, because no body really gives a shit … no, no you don’t. Like that guy falsely convicted of murdering his children y’all assume I’m guilty because of what you’ve been told.

What did that Lawyer do with this new fingerprint information in my case? Well, he sent it to a Lawyer in Houston, Jack Zimmerman, who presented it and a ship load of other evidence proving my wrongful conviction to the Federal Judge, and you know what the Federal Judge did with this new evidence, he ignored it … said that since I didn’t site these complaints in my original 2255 motion to the court, that he would NOT ALLOW this contradictory evidence into admission; he said that my time to present this evidence had passed. In other words, it doesn’t matter to him that the cops lied and presented false evidence, it only matters that I didn’t complain about it within the two years after my conviction … HELL, I didn’t even know about all this new stuff when I presented my appeal. Similar things happened to that ol’ boy in Texas … my Judge is content to let me rot in prison, just like Texas Governor Rick Perry was content to let an innocent man get executed … Yeah, I said EXECUTED for crimes he didn’t commit; they killed him … THEY MURDERED HIM is closer to the truth. My point is this, Judges interpreted the Law and Conservative Judges ALWAYS side with Law Enforcement, ALWAYS!! They do not represent you or me, they represent the Prosecutors and Prosecutors like “Snitches”, oftentimes lie! And the worst place to have a Right-wing Judge interpreting the Law is in the Supreme Court because that’s a persons last chance at justice, the last chance! Presidents appoint Supreme Court Justices, and that is why I said’ “Please God. Do not give Trump another appointment to the Supreme Court”, because he OWES a debt to people like Jerry Falwell for the fundamental Christian vote and will appoint Judges that make THEM happy; Judges who will ignore and refuse to hold Prosecutors who violate their oath of office by lying and withholding evidence, folks, like Kamala Harris, who care nothing for the common folk in this country, accountable.

No, Trump didn’t start the practice of appointing POLITICAL judges, Obama did the same thing when he appointed Left-wing Judges with his picks … in truth it’s been going on for about sixty years now and it needs to stop. A Supreme Court judge is supposed to be in the middle of the political spectrum and therefore unbiased, not advocates for one side or the other, and certainly not Judges who support bad laws like our Conspiracy Laws where any two people willing to lie can convict ANYONE, or the laws that promote and reward “Snitches” or the Laws that allow Prosecutors protection from justice for presenting false testimony and even withholding evidence in order to gain convictions, and a thousand other bad laws I don’t have time to go in to here. Things need to change, and only YOU can bring about this change. How you say, well for starters, stop electing Far-right or Far-left lunatics to office!

Yeah, the guy in Texas was executed while Rick Perry went on to be re-elected and then to run for President. Do you know where this murderer Rick Perry is now? Well, in case you didn’t know, he’s very high up in the current administration, he’s Secretary of Energy, probably gonna be President someday, unless folks like YOU stop him. Remember, he’s a MURDERER, he was complacent in his oath of office and knowingly sent an innocent man to the Death Chamber, more than one. Do your homework!

I strongly suggest you watch this movie, especially the end when they show clips of Mr. Perry at one of the Presidential debates talking about the Death Penalty, then listen to the folks in the audience cheering him. Watch this movie, it ought to scare the bejesus out of you.

A little additional information you might find interesting.

After my conviction the “Snitches” in my case were sent to Federal Prison with ten year sentences; that’s the maximum sentence Snitches get for committing murder (Sammy the Bull Gravano didn’t get anytime for killing 19 people, that’s the best deal Snitches get). While in Federal prison Mike Beckcom, now Rocco Beckcom (changed his name) was magically put into the cell with a guy named Jeffery Pribble and wouldn’t you know it, Jeffery Pribble, wink wink, confessed to Mike Beckcom about killing three people in Houston and (Mike) Rocco Beckcom testified against him and was set free! Sound fishy to you? Well I don’t know anything about Mr. Pribble except that he maintains his innocence and is currently sitting on Death Row in the State of Texas, but I do know something about Mr. Beckcom … he’s a snitch, and “Snitches Lie” to get out of prison … this is not Mr. Beckom’s first time, but his THIRD time using the Snitch Laws to beat a prison sentence.

Thank y’all for readin’ this, and please pay attention, serve on jury duty, and keep an open mind about things … If you think none of this applies to you … you better thank God for that, and hope and pray that it never does … because when the big boys decide to take you, or someone you love down, you’re goin’ down, guilty or not!

In case y’all don’t know I have a friend in Switzerland named Connie, and she has set up a website to connect decent folks with prisoners on Death Row in America. They do great work! I want to thank all of you who are a part of Connie’s “Humanity Warriors” for taking of your own time to lend Death Row inmates a little comfort by writing to them and actually caring for them, something some of them have never known before, not even in freedom.

I’ll close by telling you that you don’t want to miss my next posting, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on prison tattoo’s. Peace be with you all.

Three Rivers, 9-11-19