Hippie Stuff

Hey Y'all. You may not know it but I'm a Doors fan ... WHAT ... The Doors!! What the hells wrong with you guys? The DOORS, The DOORS! the DOORS! No not "Puerto's" Guey! DOORS, Like Jim Morrison, like rock music form the 60s ... oh there it is, right, the snickers ... (old bastard thinks we care about some old hippie music) yeah. I heard that. Anyway. A few years back I ask my daughter to go to Jim Morrisons gravesite and take a photo ... Yeah, he died, like a long time ago, one of the "27 Club"! Just Google it. Youngsters, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Anyway, the other day I got a picture in the mail of my daughter, Azteca, standing in front of Morrisons gravesite giving the Peace Sign ... uhhg, don't even ask. Anyway!! I was so happy to get it. Why is this so special? Well, because my daughter, like you dummies, doesn't give a bats butt about the DOORS or JIM MORRISON, she went there and took a picture for no other reason than I ask her too!! Yeah, she loves her Pop. So in your face all you un-rock-educated commies! What ... oh yeah, you got me there, Morrison was probably a commie too. Just forget it, ok.

Why am I telling you this? Hell Yeah, I'm bragging, that's me, Mark The Braggart! For the record, I'll always brag on my kids, got the three best kids on the planet. What can I say, I was a good father ... yeah, ok, my wife MIGHT have had something to do with it ...You guys are mean this morning. Why can't you just let me take the credit for my children! Yeah ok. You know I love you guys, too. But I'll love you even more if you don't question me AND believe unequivocally everything I say. Yeah, Sounds fair to me :)

Peace and love and that other Hippie stuff! Mark out.


Bruceton Mills, 11-4-22