"Chris D., Football, Nicholas Sparks and Messaging Service"

“Chris D.”

Well, its’s been a strange week. First I sent another cellie home, youngster from Maypearl Texas. That’s a cool name right – Maypearl, even cooler if you break it up into two distinct words, May, Pearl.

He was a good kid, been down all but four months or so since he was eighteen, he’s twenty-eight now. He did a stretch then violated and came back, but I think he’s got it right this time. I have high hopes that he’ll find a gal and raise some good kids – ain’t that what life’s all about!


Well, the last time I spoke to you I left you hangin’ on whether I watched the Dallas Cowboys on TV. I did this because I wanted you think about, and to try and understand how important something like football is to a prisoner, to help pass the time and to help keep his mind off things he don’t need to thinkin’ about. I mention this because I want you to understand that my decision to stop watching, was not an easy one. And to the person, you got it right, I did NOT watch…and after last night where that Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones, all, knelt during the National Anthem, I know in my heart that I made the right decision. No regrets.

FYI: I saw that the TV ratings for the first week were down 14% ! I didn’t know that I had that kind of power!! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT! It could’ve been because of me! I mean I’m up to like seven or eight people who read this!

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that because, the only way to get through to these billionaire owners and demand that they stop with all the political statements, is to hit them in the wallet. But it takes more than just not watching. You have to get on the computer and “TELL” them why you’re not watching. Trust me, they don’t give a big rats butt about democracy, morality or what they’re teaching our children. They care about one thing “Money”. So stop giving them yours.

“Nicholas Sparks”

They show movies here, on the TV, of course. Last week we watched back to back Nicholas Sparks movies. Man, I like his stuff! First, they don’t have any racial innuendos and for the most part they’re about love…sometimes sad as hell, but the kind of movie you ain’t afraid to let your kids watch. No gang shit, no prompting drugs, no glorification of the Hood, no disrespecting women and no Socialist/Communist propaganda. My point is, Hollywood can make a decent, non political movie when they want to. So, the fact that they, more often than not, “DON’T” make movies that represent high moral values, tells you what? It tells you that they “Purposefully” make movies that teach racial propaganda, that glamorize drug dealers, are excessively violent and that demean women. So, if you stop for a minute and ask yourself why that is, the only answer you can logically come up with is: They put out those kinds of movies because they have an agenda, because it somehow serves their purpose to do so.

I am more than concerned over what I can see as the Hollywood “Agenda”. Not so much for my own children, because they’re all grown now and all three of ’em are a damn blessing to a bastard like me. But I worry about my grandchildren; one of ’em travels in those Hollywood circles, and I worry most about her (checkout Maya_Henry on Social Media). That’s one of my biggest regrets, that I can’t be there to talk to her and to tell her that it’s okay to follow your dreams, but to do it with your eyes open to the folks you’re around. I tell you the same thing. Talk to your children and explain to them the Hollywood, National Football, Big Business, agenda. Teach them the value of family and God, and to be proud of who they are.

“Messaging Service”

Well, my messaging service is back up – so yall can send me text messages directly @ 513-322-7717.

Please pass this along to your FB friends and ask them to pass it along to theirs.

Peace be with you all. Mark

Three Rivers, 9-26-17