Christmas 2020

Well, this will be my 25th straight Christmas in prison – yea, a quarter of a century; some folks have it worse, so no complaints here. I actually have a lot to be thankful for, primarily the health and happiness of my family … yeah, and I’m thankful for you buttheadsl too! Who else has friends like you!!

Not much has changed with me but, then again, ain’t much can change in here. But, they are letting us decorate the cellblocks this year, only happened twice in my 25 year stretch – both times here. And, the guys are taking to it like a bunch of kids making a tree and presents out of cardboard boxes and construction paper. No, it ain’t a Macey’s Parade but it’s ours, and it’s pretty damned good.

As for me, well, I decided that I wanted a NEW pair of shoes, ain’t had any in years, so I traded a painting I’d done for a pair of black Fila brand tennis shoes … hated to lose a painting, but, in the end I’m ok with the deal.

I’m actually hard on shoes, because I put a lot of miles on them, the ones I had were the ones I told you about on 5-18-18 (Shoes, Letter and Boss Man’s Abduction). No. I still have those and am keeping them as work shoes, these new one’s I treat like “Church shoes”. No, they ain’t nothin” special, cost $38.00 and are the cheapest shoe they sell here, but I like ’em and that’s all that counts in the end.

On the outside - well, that varies.

My good friend and adopted son Danny Boy had his ma pass away a couple weeks back, he was real close to her; she took care of his kids while he did a 13 year stretch. Sad part  is; Danny and his family needed help with the funeral costs so they created a Go Fund Me page - not much help ... he told me, "Pops, if some woman wants breast implants people will send her money, but for something worthy like this, they won't help." I hated to hear this .... and I really hated to hear about his ma's passing, but what could I say to make things better ...  "She's in a better place" that ol' saying just doesn't hold much water when it's your loved one who's passed. No, no, it's true, they are in a better place, but that's them, it doesn't do much to help us in our lose, cause we miss them - not the other way around. By the way, so proud to tell you that my three kids jumped in and help Danny's family ... how proud am I!!

Then my daughter Azteca and her ma, Teresa, were headed to London to be with my granddaughter Maya for Christmas, but, while at the airport the news came out about that new strain of the Corona Virus in London and the subsequent Lockdown on the city, so they had to cancel their trip. Oh well, like I said, they’re healthy and happy.

“On a positive note” every year the B.O.P. gives every prisoner a Christmas Bag full of goodiesl cookies, candy and chips – no it ain’t like home, but you know what – they ain’t gotta give us nothin’. Funny story: we have a guy here with Al Quieda, a devout Muslim from Pakistan. Yesterday, yeah, YESTERDAY he was telling me that at his job site they were putting up Christmas Decorations; he told me he refused to help … being a Muslim and all he felt insulted to be asked … well guess who was quick out the door to pick up that free bag of Christmas Candy … yeah … we’re good friends and I wanted to say something to him about being a hypocrite, but I let it go …. darn Buddhism is making me soft 🙂

"On a negative note" there's this ignorant assed guard working the cellblock next to mine, as I'm walking passed with my Christmas Bag he says out loud "I just can't believe the FEDS treat Inmates like this. That's why you all keep coming back!" I wanted to say, " Can't you go just one day a year without hating us?" But I kept my mouth shut ... darn Buddhism is making me soft 🙂 plus I learned a long time ago that hateful people are hateful because they themselves aren't happy ... he's obviously miserable inside ... makes my original point about being thankful for the happiness of our loved ones.

Well, I want to wish you each and all a very Merry Christ-mass. Peace on earth, too!!

Three Rivers, 2-22-20