It's on every news channel, all day long. The American News Media is, of course, overwhelmingly on the side of Israel. Yet, at the same time there are large groups of protesters on the side of the Palestinians. Point is, folks and nations are taking sides on this never ending conflict.

Whose side am I on?

For the record ... I'm on Gods side. And the God I serve is a God of peace, not war. In my opinion, God has nothing to do with what's happening in the Middle East, or in Ukraine, or in Africa, or in South America, or in The United States for that matter. This, as war always is, is a man thing. OH, I hear you, but you're wrong. The true God is a God of Love, and there is no love in war, none at all; it's religion that supports the ideology of war.

Why is this? I must warn you, the answer to that question is an uncomfortable one ... Judaism, Islam and Christianity have one thing in common - they all worship the god of Abraham, and the god of Abraham is a God of war (just read the scriptures of any one of those three). Always has been, always will be. In fact I'm befuddled how followers of Jesus can equate this God of war and vengeance with the God of peace and love spoken of by him the New Testament. In fact, I believe that MOST Christians today are sadly deceived, that they are the folks (people who think they're saved, but aren't. lost christians) Jesus spoke of in Matthew 7:21-23. The proof of this is evident as every Christian pastor in America stands in his/her podium this Sunday morning and professes that their God condones war; that war of any kind is Gods will.

You've heard it said that the greatest trick the Devil ever played on humanity was to convince us he doesn't exit.

That is a lie. And in todays world I can do no better than to agree with George Orwell. "Telling the truth is a revolutionary act".

The greatest trick the devil ever played on humanity was to convince us, he's GOD.


Bruceton Mills, 10/15/23