A while back ( 5-9-16 ) I wrote a blog about a friend of mine named Colt Marlin, we called him, “Chopper”. Chopper was a big bearded biker friend of mine, and we spent two years together in the prison at Pollock Louisiana.

In the blog I told you about how he was constantly at my side…making sure nothing happened to me. I told you about how he, carried me as a friend, what I didn’t tell you was that Chopper and I spent countless hours talking about things like our family, God, and, life in general. In those well spent hours together I came to know him as a person. In our conversations together I learned that he, like most of us, had a dysfunctional childhood, in his case, he had a mother who didn’t love him, didn’t want him and constantly beat him physically and mentally – he grew up hating his mother, no exaggeration, he hated her. Don’t get me wrong, though he never said so, I knew that deep inside all boys love their mother, even if they don’t recognize it themselves. I say this because if he hadn’t loved her, he wouldn’t have been so hurt by her lack of love for him…anyway, as a result of this unhealthy relationship with his mother, Chopper had never had a healthy relationship with a woman. To him, women were something you needed, but never trusted. To him women were no good outside the bedroom. Yeah, his mother cut him deeply.

A few months back, Chopper was released from prison, and, in spite of his damaged view of women, he somehow found a woman who could love him for who he was, and he fell madly in love; he found that one perfect woman, who could repair the damage done to him by his own loveless mother, and in my heart I know that she healed him both mentally and spiritually. It’s a beautiful story that I am proud to tell.

I remember our time together and count it as some of the best time I’ve done. Like I told you in my previous blog, Chopper was a barrel of laughs and I love him as much as a man can love another man. He made my time better.

I found out a few days ago that Chopper, and his girl, were hit by an eighteen wheeler truck, and killed. He had, maybe, a year of freedom, before death took him.

I must tell you, even with my Buddhist understanding of life and death, I was sick to my stomach with grief…he was so full of life, and such a good friend to me…but, that’s my ego talking, because I miss him. But life and death isn’t the real story here, the real story is about a man finding a much needed healing of his soul, and I have to tell you that nothing heals the wounds in a mans heart, like the love of a woman – nothing.

Me, yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic, and a lover of women. I respect them, honor them, love the motherhood in all of them – hell, I even picture God as a women, a giver of life. So, I am very happy that my friend was able to find love, a woman’s true gift to mankind, in this life. And, as terrible as it sounds … I am also happy that they died together … that first night after I learned of this tragedy I just kept visualizing Chopper and his girl, their souls, rising up from that terrible accident and crossing over into the afterlife, together. Wonderful, sad, story. My heart hurts. My soul rejoices.

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Three Rivers, 7-10-20