Birthday and 40

A couple of weeks back I celebrated my 40th birthday, (I heard that) and was pleasantly surprised when Lynn (the English Lady) sent me a long list of messages from y’all wishing me a Happy Birthday. Was really moved by that. Thank you.

Lynn also sent me a list containing all my FB Friends complete with the pictures y’all posted … I literally spent hours with a magnifying glass looking at those pictures (they were very small, hence the magnifying glass) and I must admit, I was blown away by each and every one of you. I saw old friends, old enemies, faces and names I’d known as kids now grown up, hot tattooed chicks, people I didn’t know, and one hot babe who posted a picture of herself in a lacey black undergarment ( Bless you my child ). Anyway, wow, I want to thank you all for making my life a little better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On Being 40

Yeah, dummy, I know I ain’t 40, but I feel 40!

Funny thing, this. We have a saying in here that goes like this, “How ever old you are when you get locked up, is the age you remain for your entire time behind bars”. A convict doesn’t age – well, he ages physically, though not at the same rate as a freeman does, but we stop aging mentally; I guess you could say that our life just stops when we get locked up. I guess being cut from the herd and isolated like this somehow affects the mind, stunts it. For this reason I stand my ground and claim to be 40, which, would make me the same age as my son Marco and two years younger than my daughter Azteca … ummm, don’t tell her I told you how old she is, she’ll get mad at me … and this would be bad timing for that because, I told her on the phone a couple of days ago that I needed her to buy a car, for the gal in the lacey black underwear! Hell, I ain’t kidding about this! With God as my witness, I called her up and told her about that gals picture, and then told her, “I need you to buy her a car!” That’s the truth … what? Well … she busted out laughing … but she might come around … YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!!!
As always, I want to thank you for keeping up with me. I also want to remind you to pass this Blog entry along to your friends.

Peace be with you. Mark

Three Rivers, 8-5-19