Is there something wrong with our country?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. What a mess she left behind!

No, don’t blame Trump and don’t get mad at me for telling you the truth. Blame her. It’s her fault. Yeah, you heard me – it’s her fault that Amy Coney Barret, a right-wing religious fanatic has been appointed to the Supreme Court. How can I say this, Ruthie is an icon … that’s your opinion, not mine. To me she was an idiot. It’s simple, she was 140 years old and refused to retire. If she had really cared about her causes, such as women’s issue and Social Justice, not to mention a fair balance on the Court, she’d have retired 5 years ago to insure that someone else with her values would replace her. But no, she hung on until they had to carry her out in a bone bag.

What makes people hold on in situations like that? I suppose it’s ego, pride and maybe fear. Well, in the end, the joke is on us, because Trump put another over-religious (being religious and being Godly is NOT the same thing) right-wing Judge on the Court, and the Court will remain lop-sided for the next 20 years. Oh well, damage done, no sense crying about it now.

You, the average American, have no clue how bad and corrupt our Justice Department is … for you Trump supporters I need only to remind you all THEY tried to do to him. The FBI, the CIA and Federal Prosecutors in this country are the worst and most corrupt in the world … well, I should say, the slimiest in the world. Other countries are just as corrupt, the difference is they’re out in the open about it where our politicians and Justice Department employees are under-cover about their corruption … here it isn’t so much about money as it is about POWER. But of course, power begets money. Look no further than Clinton and the Bush Crime Family. Look at Trump and all they’ve done to destroy him, then imagine how it is when your NOT a billionaire. But, … I know, you don’t see it, I didn’t either. We’ve been so brainwashed into believing that our Capitalist Society is the best in the world we are completely fooled into not questioning the reality before our eyes … Jesus said, “Eyes that can’t see and ears that can’t hear”, but, hell, what does he know, right.

Do you know that 32% of all Americans are either in prison or on some kind of prison paperwork, i.e.: probation. parole etc. Did you know that we incarcerate more of our children than ANY other country in the WORLD!!! No, listen. It doesn’t matter, the issue isn’t whether they’re guilty or not. After all, the fact IS, that we incarcerate MORE of our citizens than any other country. Why? Well, either we have a system that has bad laws and and people willing to enforcing them, or, we are an inherently evil people, or, our Capitalist System somehow CREATES, or turns otherwise law abiding folks into criminals. I mean, what other answer is there? There is no other answer unless you believe that, like I said, Americans are just a rotten-assed people by nature … maybe it’s the water … you can believe that if that’s easier than asking the hard questions, yeah, bad water, right; well, there’s damned sure a problem somewhere!

What is it about our GREAT country? And make no mistake, this is a great country where a person come rise from poverty to become a self made success, a nation of opportunity. So what is the problem when it comes to crime? Think! Don’t be afraid to question, anything, ever, that’s your right as a human being. So do it now. Ask yourself … Why are so many Americans in prison?

Here there’s a man, a friend of mine, named, Rob. Rob has been in and out of prison his whole life … he’s a drug addict. At present he’s serving 14 years for 5 ounces of dope. 14 years! Yes drugs are against the law, but 14 years for 5 ounces of Meth? Don’t you think 14 years is a little excessive? It’s not like he committed murder – he’s a drug addict who sold small amounts of dope to support his habit.

Here there’s a kid in his 20s named Tyler. Tyler was sentenced to 24 years and 9 months in prison, he was caught with 42 grams of Meth. No, he didn’t kill anyone, pull a gun and rob folks, he sold small amounts of dope to support his habit. Yes, he’s guilty of selling drugs. Yes, he had a small child that he exposed to his drug habit, but 24 years! Isn’t that excessive?

Here there’s a man named Jack. Jack is a three time offender, a drug addict who sold drugs to support his drug habit. He is guilty.

In 2013 he was arrested with 14 grams of Meth and subsequently indicted by the State of Texas. Because he’s a three time offender he was sentenced to serve 2-20 year sentence. This means that with “Good Behavior” he’d serve as little as two years, and with bad behavior while incarcerated he could serve as much as 20 years. I know this man, well. He’s the nicest, most positive, wouldn’t kill a fly guy you’ll ever meet. In the years I’ve known him I’ve never seen him in a bad mood. He’s a positive influence on those around him. But, he’s a drug addict who sold small amounts of dope to support his habit.

2 years for 14 grams – it’s a fair sentence, but it wasn’t enough for our Federal Justice Department. They stepped in and picked up his case and sentenced him to … get this … 35 years!!! Which under the present law, he’ll have to do 85% of. 35 years for $1400.00 worth of dope. How is this possible you ask? The answer is, “Ghost Dope”.

What is Ghost Dope?

Under the Federal Laws as they presently stand, the Government is not required to actually indict you on what you were actually arrested with. Under our present laws they can charge you with all of the dope a person has ever sold … in their lifetime. What’s wrong with that you ask. Well, since the government has no actual PROOF of how much dope a person has sold, they must rely on the word, the testimony of other people.

Under the old laws, pre 1990, the laws were similar; the Government would indict you on the amount of dope they could PROVE you sold, in your lifetime. And then, as now, they would use witness testimony. The difference is, then, they used undercover police officers as witnesses. It went like this.

An undercover agent would pose as a drug addict, or a drug dealer, buy drugs from someone and document each buy – a crime log, per se. Then when you were arrested the undercover agent would submit the buyers journal to the jury and, wham – you were justly convicted of ACCURATE facts concerning your activity; a fair rendition of the law. Now however, under the new laws they don’t actually have to have PROOF. All they need now is the WORD of someone – basically, anyone!

Under the present system, the Federal Prosecutors, only ( states do not allow this type of evidence) can march into a Court Room any Informant they can find who either had contact with said offender, or COULD have had contact with them and use their testimony, as if it were actual proof. These witnesses are not cops, they’re drug addicts and drug dealers who themselves have been busted and are helping the Government for a reduced prison sentence. They are “snitches”.

In Jack’s case the Government brought in people, snitches, claiming to have bought dope from him. In the end the 14 grams they actually caught him with magically became 6 kilos of Ghost Dope, with no way of proving he actually ever had it, and gave him 35 years as opposed to 2-20 sentence the State of Texas gave him fro the same crime, which I’ve already explained was really a two year sentence. Jack is serving 35 years while the drug addicts and drug dealers who testified for the Government are free today. Are you okay with this? Snitches, lie, and the Government protects them. Here’s an example, a hypothetical situation for you to consider.

Imagine this.

You’re at home going about your business. What you don’t know is that someone you may or may not know, has been caught breaking the law. To get himself out of trouble he begins to tell the police everything he can to get himself a break. “Not Enough” the officer tells him. So, out of desperation this person, who is now classified as an Informant, remembers hearing about a big shipment of drugs being delivered by mail to a home on, such-n-such street – but he ain’t exactly sure, not 100%, which house. But he can’t tell the cops THAT. So he says, “I don’t know the address.”

“But you’ve been there buying drugs, right,” says the cop.

“Yeah,” he replies. But in his mind he says, but, it was dark, and I was high – I’m not sure which house.

“Ok. Take us to it,” the cop says.

As the undercover cop and the Informant slowly cruise the street looking for the house that one of his friends said the dope was being delivered to, the Informant sees a house that seems vaguely familiar. “That one” he says.

On the day the Informant has assured them the dope is being delivered by mail, they wait. The mail is delivered. They knock on the door and holler. “Police. Open up!”

But you have your stereo on, or maybe you you’re in the shower; for whatever reason you don’t hear them. Suddenly your front door is kicked open. In a moment of fearing for your life, you pull your legally registered gun and shoot. The cops shoot back and hit and kill your girlfriend.

When you realize it’s the cops, you put down your gun, surrender and are put into handcuffs. The cops search the house; they do not find ANY dope. The Informant is mistaken, or, lied.

After reviewing the situation you are released from jail. after all, your gun was legal and you had a right to defend your home … and, there was no dope found. No harm. No foul, right? Wait a minute – an innocent woman was shot and killed in her own home! That could have been you, or your child.

A mistake. A horrible accident. Sorry about murdering you.

No, I get it. The police weren’t at fault. It was a horrible accident. But here’s the thing – the thing NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT … not Fox, not CNN, not ABC, not NBC, not CBS, no one! …. Who told the police that drugs were being delivered to that house on that day? WHO? An Informant, that’s who. And Informants, snitches, lie to receive rewards; sometimes money, sometimes drugs, sometimes to keep from going to prison. But they always get something for their information, always. Remember that.

Do you know that if you are, lets say, the driver of a get-away car in a bank robbery, just a driver, you don’t even own a gun. But this bank robbery goes bad and someone gets killed. Did you know that even though you never set foot in the bank where the killing took place, they can still charge the driver with “Accessory to murder”? Yeah, that’s the law. Here’s my point.

In the scenario I sited above. The Informant, who gave false information, should have been charged with, “Accessory to murder”. The death of your girlfriend was HIS fault. Not the fault of the police who were doing their job. Can’t hold the police responsible, it was a horrible F-ing accident. Can’t hold the homeowner responsible for opening fire on an intruder – it is the Informants fault, he sent the police into your home in the first place.

Alright, you got me. I tricked you. That wasn’t a hypothetical situation – it really happened, exactly as I told. The innocent woman killed that day was a woman named Briene Taylor, but it could have been YOU!

Who’s at fault here? The answer is, the Laws that promote and PROTECT, Informants who commit crimes. Yeah, the person who’s actually responsible for the death of Ms. Taylor, is, according to initial reports, an Informant, a criminal allowed to remain free from prison. And no one ever even questions who he is, nor demands that he be charged with murder. It’s easier to let people hate the police, the innocent homeowner or any one else in order to protect the snitches. Informant’s, snitches, lie and the Law provides for them and rewards them for doing so. Something stinks in Gotham, Batman.

I’ve already called your attention to the FACT that even though Sammy “The Bull” Gravano killed 19 people he never spent a day in jail for any of them – because, he’s an Informant for the Federal Government. But to get a closer look at the drug world and it’s Informants, look up a woman named Teresa Mendoza, aka, the Queen of the South, La Reyna del Sud, and a woman called The Queen of the Pacific, LA Reyna del Pacifico, sorry, her name slips my mind. But these two women, along with many, may others, male and female, were two of the most powerful people in the Drug Cartels. They were responsible for smuggling billions, BILLIONS of dollars worth of drugs into our country, not to mention responsible for countless murders. Were they arrested and brought to justice in this country? Well, yes and no. Yes they were eventually arrested. but no, they are not in prison like the men I told you about earlier. They cooperated with the Government, to include having sex with F.B.I. agents … and released with little or no prison time. Yeah, look them up.

La Reyna Del Sud, La Reyna Del Pacifico, Sammy The Bull and thousands of others go free for crimes far more vicious than any committed by the men in this prison with me. Point is – there’s a lot of injustice in America. Why do you care, right? It doesn’t effect you, right? You, the law abiding citizen wins, right? Another drug addict in prison, forever! You win. But did you? Let’s analyze that.

Yes, You won … but not really, because the seeds of this evil Holocaust have been planted with every person imprisoned, and the children of those seeds are adults to day who are voting, and looting and burning cities, with more being born everyday. There is not an American family without a martyr, without a relative, friend or someone they know of who has not been seared by the OVENS of The Criminal Justice System. It’s a national tragedy.


What about the kids of these over-sentenced offenders, how have they been affected? Well, I can tell you from personal experience, it’s hard on them. No ma’am, I ain’t making excuses for me or for the others I’ve mentioned, I’m merely illustrating a point, that every action has a reaction. You wonder why our kids are hollering for Justice Reform, why they’ve become Anarchists, why they’re burning our cities down. It’s because they know that they have been abused and disadvantaged by the Justice System while others walk free, they see it first hand, and in they’re anger they’d like to see the Legal System rebuilt. To do this, they believe the system has to first be taken apart – burned down if necessary. No, I don’t like the violence and the looting. I’m simply trying to shed light on the root cause of this new movement that just overturned a Presidency and is actively taking over our country. Open your eyes and look into the hearts of our children, our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncle’s, aunt’s and neighbors who find themselves addicted to drugs and in prison, look and in there faces you’ll see the reality of the pain and sorrow our harsh prison sentences have caused – pain and sorrow disguised as anger.

What about these men and women behind bars, is they’re plight in life their fault? Well, partly, yes. I’ve already told you that they broke the law – but whose law did they break? God’s laws, or, man’s laws? Oh yeah, there’s a hell of a difference. The All Father, All Mother, Creator, Great Spirit is not about punishment, but instead about forgiveness. And that’s my point, if you look at our Justice System through the eyes of compassion you cannot help but be appalled … 35 years in prison for being a drug addict. Where is the forgiveness in that?

Yes, you’ve been told “You won,” but all you’ve won is a country full of anger. A country full of anger, American children who’ve grown into adulthood nursing a deep hatred for the police and the Government they “Believe” unjustly destroyed their family. This belief is why this country has fallen into rebellion, looting stores, burning cities and wanting to destroy the police and the nation whose laws they enforce. 50 years harsh drug laws, 50 years of harsh prison sentences has now created 3 generations of anti-Government sentiment.

No ma’am, I ain’t sayin’ it’s okay to loot and riot – I’ve been very plain on this subject in previous writings. But I’ve been just as honest about the horrors of the Legal System in America. Terribly unfair. In this country the testimony of a snitch will send a person to prison for life while setting the snitch free for the exact same crime … look no further than my own case. How do you think our children view this type of activity – well, I’m with those children turned adults everyday and I can sadly tell you that a large portion of them stand in front of the TV and cheer when they see a police officer attacked, and they stand in anger when they see the police shoot and kill and unarmed citizen. “NO”, again, I understand that the police are not the whole problem, or even the biggest part of the problem. The problem are the Laws that our Politicians have put into place that allow crooked Prosecutors to compromise the truth in order to gain, oftentimes, unwarranted convictions compounded by the heartless sentences being handed down by Judges in the name of Law and Order. But, angry people don’t see Judges, Prosecutors or Politian’s in their neighborhoods – they only see cops, and therefore, cops receive the anger aimed at the whole system. Truth is, there’s a hell of a lot of folks in this country who, justifiably so, no longer believe that the Government are the good-guys.

For over 50 years now we have locked up everybody who sold drugs to support a drug habit, and in many cases, let the big drug dealers and their financiers go free. The Government declared War on Drugs and if their intention was to imprison it’s people, then they’ve certainly won that war. But has that plan reduced the drug addition in this country, or stemmed the violence in America? No. Statistics prove that it has done exactly the opposite. All that has really been won is what you’re seeing play out in our urban communities … a burning desire for vengeance. I ask: is the Government still the good guys? In my opinion, Good Guys don’t prey on their own children, the weak willed, the poor or the defenseless. Good Guys don’t throw children into the mouth of the beast … and there is no more horrible a monster than the American Justice System; a place where the selected few are allowed to commit crime and serve little or no time in prison while the masses are imprisoned at an unmatched world-wide rate. We need to change the “Snitch Laws”, the “Ghost Dope” laws, the “Conspiracy” laws and Prosecutors need to be held accountable for THEIR crimes of withholding evidence to procure convictions. Good Guys? There was a time when I believed that, but, I no longer do. It’s heartbreaking what our Government has become.

“When the wolf slaughters the sheep, we shrug and say it is his nature.

When the sheepdog turns on the flock, it breaks our heart, for his actions are treacherous.”

David Gammell

If you have followed my writings you know that I’ve been very critical of drug offenders, very hard. Just don’t understand addiction, but even then I felt that fair was fair and unfair was unfair. Then a couple of years ago, in my study lessons, I was touched by the words of, Gurumayi, she said this,

“See God in others”

Very simple yet powerful words.

In my heart I knew she was right and I wanted to see God-ness in others. So after reading her words I was inspired to follow her wisdom and I began to actively look for the good in these men around me. And, you now what? The more I looked, the more I saw. Yeah, even in these pirates and drug addicts I saw goodness. It was then that I realized that they were always good. I just didn’t possess the compassion to look past my own opinions to see it. They weren’t evil – it was me. It was the way I was looking at them and the world around me that was evil.

My point is two-fold. First, I want you to know that I recognize that I’ve been an idiot most of m life; but I am changing. Second: I want you to take a look at your own heart, and if it’s been hardened by the things you were taught in your youth, know that now is the time to change it. It’s simple to do … just,

“See God in others”

Even drug addicts and prisoners of all stripe.

Three Rivers, 11-24-20