"Female Genital Mutilation"

You’ve probably never even heard of such a thing before, most folks haven’t, and that’s the problem. Female Genital Mutilation, what is it? Well, the short answer is: a young girl is held down while someone else cuts off her clitoris and vaginal lips.

WHY: Because it prevents a female from being able to have an orgasm. Some men believe that the only way to control their women, to keep them from having sex with other men, is to “fix” them so they don’t enjoy sex. The thinking here is that if a woman doesn’t enjoy sex, then the only time she’ll engage in it is, to become pregnant, or, more importantly, to satisfy the desires of her husband.

WHERE IS THIS PRACTICED: This practice primarily occurs in Africa, where in some African countries over 90% of the women have been so abused. However, it is not only Africans who partake of this practice, some Moslems in other countries around the world, also, practice it. However, this practice is gaining worldwide acceptance.

What put me on this subject was when I heard an Englishman on the radio, saying that there were 5000 such procedures done in BRITAIN last year; in case you don’t have a calculator, that means that a girl-child in BRITAIN was mutilated every two hours, of every day! And he stressed, “Those are the ones we know about!” Not Africa, not the Middle East – in Europe!


Why isn’t the American and European Media Outlets reporting on this?
Why is this being ignored as a Social Issue?
How is this savagery spreading from Africa and the Middle East into Western Civilization?
and…if it’s happening in Europe, one every two hours, is it happening here in the United States?

WHY NOW: The answer to this is obvious if you’re a European – it’s because you have allowed millions of African and Middle Easterners into your countries without prejudice – without MORAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

What we Westerners, of all our different colors need to realize is, that these people who espouse this African Cultural Practice, are savages who are not, and will never adapt to our moral value system, instead they are hell-bent on forcing US to accept their anthropomorphic Third World belief’s, and we are turning our heads to them even when they are repugnant to us. Your kindness is being exploited…what the hell happened to yall? You’ve gone from ruling the world, from bringing civilization to all corners of the planet to being sniveling cowards who’ve decided you’d rather lie down and open you doors to savagery than to stand up for what you know in your heart is right. I am ashamed of you!

Where are all you folks who want to constantly bitch and complain about Civil Rights? Where are the Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpten’s and Nelson Mandela’s and all you other Race Profiteers? Where are you when it ain’t profitable, when it ain’t WHITE FOLKS in the wrong! Where are all you racist ass black folks whining and crying about everything that don’t go your way? Where are you Progressive Liberal sons a bitches who protest every time some black man gets his ass whipped by a cop, even if they deserved it? Where are you? Doesn’t anyone care? These ain’t adult women who up and decide to have themselves mutilated, these ain’t little WHITE girls who are being abused, these are BLACK CHILDREN who have NO say so in the matter – none. They are held down and in some cases not even administered anesthesia and mutilated. Then they are brainwashed into thinking that they need to pass this horrible atrocity on to their own children, why is it that no one cares? What the hell kinda people could even conceive such a thing! The answer is, a God damned animal, that’s who.

Yes, I’m angry, appalled is a better word. I’m appalled that we are allowing this to happen on this planet, much less in Western Civilization and even angrier still that we are turning a blind eye to it. Something else, I know yall better wake the hell up to what’s going on around you because if you don’t, you’re gonna F-around and let these savages breed Europe and The United States into the same violent, crime ridden ghettos they created in their own countries; yeah, the ones they had to run from!

WHAT TO DO: 1) Get on the internet and study up on this, and then ask yourself the question of why this isn’t being dealt with. Then you need to tell others about it…stand up fro these children, maybe you can save some child in the process.

2) Quit bein’ afraid to speak out and call a savage a savage. Sometimes in life, you just gotta punch somebody in the face. And when someone calls you a RACIST for speaking the truth, punch them in the face too! Prison has taught me that some folks can’t be reached any other way. Sad but VERY true. People don’t change because they see the light, they change because they feel the heat.

Sorry to go on that rant, but it really bothers me that no one seems to care, or are to afraid to speak the truth because it’s “not cool” to point out that we, Western Man, are the most civilized, kind, humane and least appreciated people on the planet. Truth is the truth…do not listen to the propaganda telling you otherwise. In fact you’re a whole lot better off if you don’t even watch the Communist/Socialist bullsnot being forced down our throats twenty-four hours a day by the television media.

I hate getting political on yall, but this issue has been bothering me ever since I first heard about it. Lord knows I don’t understand how a man can think that-a-way…maybe its just me, but I love it when I hear a woman I’m with have an orgasm. Hell, it makes me feel good about myself. This one time I dated a “SCREAMER” yeah, it was the highlight of my life…this one time her and I … ahhh, you didn’t really think I was gonna tell you that story did you? I ain’t like that, but man, I still think about her to this day…why would you want to deny a woman that pleasure? Love yall..

Peace be with you, Mark

Three Rivers, 9-20-17