Well, I finally had a chance to go to the prison store today ... and I bought a toothbrush and toothpaste. First time in five months I've brushed my teeth! Well, to answer your question, four months in the SHU, three weeks in Oklahoma and three weeks here, that's five months. Man I was so happy to have a tooth brush and toothpaste!! I also bought some dental floss; teeth are happy. What? oh come on, five months ain't that long ... don't tell me you've never went that long without brushing your own teeth.

Okay, you got me, I didn't actually GO five months, but it darn sure felt like it. Why? Well, in the SHU and in Transportation and in all new spots prisoners are given toothbrushes, free, until you can buy your own. Well the problem is, these toothbrushes are made by a company called, Bob Barker; I don't know if it's the guy off the Game Show, but who ever it is that makes these hygene products, that this company sells to the prisons, aught to be in prison for robbing the tax payers, because the stuff YOU pay for, that we are given, is garbage. As always, you the taxpayer are being ripped off by your elected officials; wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that a politician was the secret owner of the Bob Barker company; someones damn sure on the payroll, how else can you combine an inferior product with a guaranteed contract? It's all a rip off. Hell there's more than one, in fact we have a conspiracy theory going around in here that one of the biggest venders in the prison systems, from County Jails all the way to Federal Prisons is a company called, "Keefe", it is said that this company is owned by the Bush Crime Family ... yeah, the former President. Not sure if this is true, but you can bet your ass that some greasy politician is involved! Point is, you the taxpayer pays for things you nor us get, for instance my statement I ain't brushed my teeth in five months, which is the same thing as brushing my teeth with inferior toothpaste and with a toothbrush that is terrible inefficient ... one YOU paid for it. Scams perpetrated on YOU, not on me, on YOU, because Congress has appropriated money, your moneym for these types of needs. Joke of course, but who cares right? Just raise your taxes, buy cheap products at high prices and get rich! Sounds like the stuff of the American Dream, NOT!

American crimes against the people. But, thank God that I have the money to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste, some folks don't. Fornicate Bob Barker!!


SHU Cellies

The worst thing about being in the SHU, is not being locked up, its that when you go to the SHU, you are put into a cell with anybody; you have no choice in the matter. I of course was pretty lucky, the first three cellies I had were good, very good in fact, but the last one, well, he was a little, off ... moody, on heavy meds, which was a plus, because when he took his meds, I say took his meds, because he didn't always take them, he slept sixteen hours a day.

Now, he was my height, but heavier and built like Hercules, real good shape ... point is: he was dangerous, and we had a little Dust Up in the cell, all good on that point, but I promise you, I slept with one eye open!

I try hard to have compassion for people, most especially these men in here ... I have improved as a human being, and have actually prayed that I would be more compassionate, but it's hard to have compassionate for someone who you know is a threat. Only Jesus can do that, I suppose. Anyway. I was blessed to come out of the SHU with all my teeth; so I guess I should look at the bright side rather than complain about Bob (rip-the taxpayer-off) Barker ... at least I still have my teeth.

Next I will update you on my NEW prison, here in West Virginia ... quite a differnt palce, some good and some bad.

Peace be with you, Mark


Bruceton Mills, 9-9-22