"Corrections, Updates and Appreciations"

On, 4-21-17, I posted a blog I called “Global Warming, New World Order, Euthenics” – I need to make a couple of corrections to that post. First: on the sixth paragraph down I mistakenly wrote, ” The Far Left Liberals in this county support things like the Pro-Life Movement” – that should have read, “Pro-Choice Movement.” Second: on the tenth paragraph down I wrote”…concerned with there actions…” that of course should have read “…concerned with their actions…” I know that there is at least one English Teacher, from my hometown of Ingleside, reading these…she’s probably looking’ for her paddle right now!

The problem is, I don’t have a word processor which would allow me to check my work, so I just blaze away at the keyboard…(uhm, blazing away for me is about three words a minute). On top of that I have to pay five cents a minute to use the computer, and bein’ that I’m a notorious cheap-skate, miser, tight-arse…you get the message…anyway, bein’ under the pressure of cost, coupled with no ability to thoroughly check my work, I make mistakes – good part is, most of the time I don’t know about ’em. But these two I did see and they bugged me to the point I had ta fess up… “Sorry Teach…guess I’ve been a baaad boy…I probably need to be spanked…: wait, did I say that out load? Maybe we should move on.


I want to thank Miss Lynn in Sheffield, England. Lynn has been my closest friend and supporter…she is the lady who built and maintains this blog site, she also created my FB site. Lynn has supported me for near bouts five years now. I want to thank her so very much for the gift she has given.

I also want to thank Conny and Guido in Switzerland for their efforts in getting my work out to a whole new group of folks. Thank you.

I will add that none of these, extremely kind people, do what they do for money, they have charged me nothing for their labors…I cannot thank them enough. Yep! I’ve got these European broads thinkin’ I’m a hell of a good guy! Well, that and I might have accidently insinuated that I look like Brad Pitt!… in a shorter, older, less attractive way, of course.

I got some good feedback from my story about Aaron Hernandez, thank yall for that.

Peace be with you. Mark

Three Rivers, 5-8-17