“Snitches Lie” and “An American Holocaust”

In my last posting I mentioned how I had received a list of my FB friends. Like I said, I spent a lot of time reminiscing over each and everyone of you. In doing so one of my FB friends caught my attention, it wasn’t a person, but something else; there was no picture and no name, it simply said “Snitches Lie.”

Now, I have no idea of who or what their agenda is; I have no way of checking them out. So unless someone tells me about them, no one has…no one has to, it’s self-explanatory, snitches lie! It’s a fact that I am acquainted with all too well.

I’ll admit that there was a time when I couldn’t even talk about this subject without frothing at the mouth, but, thank God, years and years of personal reflection has tempered that anger. I have come to accept that no matter what lie’s were told to assure my conviction, it was me, myself and I who created that opportunity. Even though I was not guilty of everything I was convicted of, like murder, I was in the game and therefore it was easy for the jury to imagine my potential involvement. But, this acceptance of responsibility on my part does not alter the truth concerning snitches – they lie, and I want to comment on that.

In my case, which most of you are familiar with, it wasn’t the BIG witnesses that brought about my conviction, hell, the two main witnesses against me, Mike Beckcum and Kurt Johnson, both testified in my first two trials where I was eventually found “Not Guilty” of murder. Their testimony was so contradictory that the jury virtually laughed them out of the Court Room, “Snitches Lie” and it was very apparent. So what was the difference in my third trial where I was found guilty? Now I know you meatheads have the attention span of Homer Simpson and are already thinking about something infantile like, Duff’s Beer, but I need you to pay attention here – I’m getting around to something important – something related to “Snitches Lie”. So stay with me.

In my first two trials Johnson took the stand for the Prosecution. In his prior statements and at trial he testified that he had not know me before the day of the murder. Very important fact. Why, well after my acquittal the jurors were asked “why” they found me “Not Guilty.” They responded, that one reason was, they found it hard to believe that I’d commit a murder with someone I’d just met; very true!

As a result of this juror survey the Federal Prosecutor in my case knew that a Fed jury would probably draw the same conclusion – so how to convict me become more important than the facts.

So the Federal Prosecutor had to find a way to keep Johnson’s prior statements and conflicting testimony out of the ears of my Federal Jury. What they did was to indict him and try his as my co-defendent – one who would refuse to take the stand and one, who upon conviction, would get a light sentence. This would prevent my attorney from telling the jury about his prior testimony, testimony that supported my innocence.

Now Mike Beckcum was a “Snitch” for the Feds and had helped them in a prior Cocaine bust, Kurt Johnson was a “Snitch” for the Port Arthur Police Dept. Because of that status they were allowed to buy and sell drugs – all they had to do was, yep, set other people up. Beckcum and Johnson were snitches and “Snitches Lie”, but more importantly to the Feds, Johnson was unintentionally helping to substantiate my innocence. His story could not be allowed to come out.

As a result of Johnson being a snitch for the Government and therefore promised a light sentence to NOT TESTIFY; the government couldn’t take a chance that some open-minded juror would glean from Beckcum’s testimony that Johnson didn’t know me. How to cover that possibility became the next lie, the big one, the one that ultimately resulted in my conviction. Here’s how it went down.

During my third trial three of my employees magically appeared and testified that they had seen Johnson and I, together, at several of my offices, like we were old buddies, the kind that plan a murder together. This in spite of the fact that Johnson had already testified it never happened. So how does this happen? How do three people come up with the exact same story, one we know, and the Prosecutor knows, is not true?

Well, I suppose that it’s possible that one or more of them made an honest mistake, after all both Alma and Barbara had seen me with a Private Investigator from Little Rock Arkansas named Kyle Ogden; Kyle does resemble Johnson. So maybe they made an honest mistake. But there’s also the possibility that someone convinced them to lie.

So, who are the liars and who are honestly mistaken? Regardless of whether Alma and Barbara were mistaken, or lied, the ultimate liar here is the Federal Prosecutor and the Federal Judge who both knew, from prior testimony, that those three former employees were bringing false testimony. They also knew that Mike Beckcum had also failed a lie detector test … that too was hidden from the jury. My point here is – yes “Snitches Lie”, but so do some Government Lawyers – Prosecutors and even Judges.

The problem we as a nation must face here is not only that people bring false testimony to court, people lie for all kinds of reasons. The problem is not that people lie, it’s the System that rewards lying, this is the real problem!

I know you have been programmed to believe that everyone in prison is guilty of everything they were arrested for, but I can tell you first hand that there are indeed some innocent people behind bars. More common though are people, like me, who ARE guilty of some things but serving harsh sentences for crimes beyond those they actually did commit. In here you have lots of guys who were small time drug dealers who are serving sentences of 20, 30, 40 or more years for something called “Ghost Dope.” In other words, they were actually caught with a small amount of dope, but convicted of some outrageous amount of fictitious dope that some “Snitch” has CLAIMED they had sold. Of course, if you’re a snitch you have to deliver the big fish, right! The Prosecutor won’t let you go free for small fish – so the snitches invent drug transactions; makes a small guy look like El Chapo, then you the jury gasp at all the dope you’re told this poor street dealer sells, and gives the poor bastard a 40 year sentence while the real drug dealer, the Snitch and the Police Officers who work with snitches, and the jurors who believe the testimony of snitches, are at home thinking they’ve done their duty for Society. In fact, all you’ve done is to let some low-life drug-dealing snitch go free. And then you wonder why folks no longer respect Law Enforcement.

Do “Snitches Lie” absolutely! But snitches are created by the bad laws in this country that rewards them.

I want to commend the folks at “Snitches Lie” the public must be told the truth about that. But it must be done in such a way as to not sound like like a whining, crying child. No one has sympathy for someone they are convinced is a criminal, so they don’t want to hear about how we’ve been wrongly convicted … well, that is until someone they love gets convicted by a “Snitch” who is set free for committing worse crimes than those they help lock up, then they want to complain. Then is too late!

We have to publicize cases where the snitches and even the prosecutors have been caught lying, only then will the pew warmers who love to put people in jail, and who always get picked for Jury Duty, realize that they are not on the right side of this issue.

I am not condoning criminals, no sir, I ain’t … but I can assure you that the biggest criminals of all are those who prey on the poor, the disadvantaged and bare false witness against their fellow human beings. Think what you might of me, but I’d rather face God for my actions in life, than to face God with a long list of people I have falsely given prolonged prison sentences to. You may not realize it, hell, you may not even care, but, do you know what happens to families when one or more of the parents are put into prison with draconian sentences? Well, I can tell you what happens, I live with the children of those families every day … yeah, the kids end up here! And in some part, Society is to blame for it.

I’m not stupid, I get it! It’s a form of Socialism … we have to create more Government jobs, so we have to lock up more people to sustain those jobs … yeah, well that, and it’s a form of birth control; lock a person up and they can no longer procreate and then when their children follow them into prison they don’t procreate either, pretty soon, you’ve eliminated whole groups of folks … yeah, I get it. And it ain’t right!

Crime you shout! Well, you want to hear somethin’ you don’t want to hear? I could stop over 90% of all crime in this country in one week! And so could THEY, if they wanted to. How you cry! Impossible you shout! Well, all you have to do is legalize drugs, that’s how! See, I said you didn’t want to hear it! But the truth is the truth. Over 90% of the folks are in prison either because of drugs or some crime they committed to get drugs. It’s a fact. Do you know why you have guys like El Chapo? Like the innumerable amount of Street Gangs? Do you know why you can’t walk downtown after dark? Do you know why you have to have Security Guards and Metal Detectors in schools? It’s because of drugs. Legalize drugs and their won’t be any Bloods, Crips, Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, Drug Cartels or any other criminal organizations, they ALL survive on drug money, it’s all about drug money, all of it. Decriminalize drugs and you eliminate drug dealers. Eliminate drug dealers and you eliminate crime.

I know what you’ve been told to believe; legalize drugs and there’d be dead bodies everywhere … well, for your information, we already have dead bodies everywhere, because of the drug laws. Hell, 35,000 Mexicans were murdered last year, in Mexico alone by the Drug Cartels … and you know what, nobody gives a shit about them folks, you know why? Because their poor folks, that’s why! 35,000 a year on average are murdered in Mexico because of drugs, and nobody cares, yet, if 22 Mexicans get killed by some maniac in this country it’s all over the news twenty-four hours a day! Yeah, I said that … I told the truth! You know what else, nobody really gives a shit about those Mexicans either, you know why? Because they were poor folks, that’s why. The truth is, the only reason the News is even reporting it is because they want to make an issue out the the GUNS involved … they don’t care about 35,000 poor Mexicans why would you think they cared about 22 of ’em!

You who know me know I don’t fool with drugs, can’t stand ’em, so I ain’t defending my own habits here, what I’m trying to do is wake you up to an American Holocaust! Yes, a Holocaust on the poor! Please dear God open your mind and think! What we have been doing to our children over the last thirty years with this prison system is a tragedy, a shame, a blemish on our national souls … it’s as bad as slavery. I repeat, the prison system and the Laws that keep it full is a Holocaust on the American soul.

Yes, “Snitches Lie” but you can’t un-brainwash the minds of the working person with that platform alone. Folks have to be made aware of the Laws designed to create a snitch society. “Jackboots” hell, son, they don’t need to arrest you in the middle of the night – hell, we’re way too advanced for that, all they have to do nowadays is to find two snitches willing to get on the witness stand and swear on a Bible you’re guilty and your ass is in prison … Holocaust! Yeah, I said that too, that ain’t an exclusive word owned by one people – that word belongs to all folks. American Holocaust … you better wake up! For your children’s sake you better hope that Trump doesn’t get another appointment on the Supreme Court!

Something to Ponder: Speaking of El Chapo, murderer of thousands of Mexicans; mover of millions of pounds of dope- well he was just sentenced to Life and thirty years.

FYI: I, was sentenced to Life and twenty years, hmmm, kinda puts things into perspective right!

Thank you all for reading this mess, I do love you all.

Three Rivers, 8-22-19