"Blessed, Queers in Prison and ETs in Peru"

This past weekend my daughter Azteca, granddaughter Maya and Chris my youngest son came for a visit, it was great! I suppose that to you it would seem preposterous that a man with a life sentence in prison should consider himself blessed, but I really am. Believe this: I wouldn’t trade places with any one of you if it meant that I’d have different children, no amount of freedom would be worth that to me. Sounds crazy, I know, but if I could have foreseen a movie of how my life would turn out I would have looked upon it, and because of my children, considered it a huge success. They really are a miracle.

It is true that my life has been one of, by my own making, struggle. In fact I have lived this life like a complete fool…an idiot-savant without the savant would be a better description. However, in spite of that cold reality I had a good woman and three great, healthy and highly (off the scale) successful children, things I venture to say, most men never have. How is that possible…I guess I’m just the luckiest bastard in the whole wide world – what else could it be!

“Queers in Prison”

I told you a month or so ago that they put a gay guy in my cell-block, well, he’s gone, didn’t last but a month or so. Why? What Happened? Well, I ain’t exactly sure, but last week he walked up to the cop-shop and told them that he’d been raped, so they immediately locked up his cellie and cordoned off their cell like a crime scene. Rumors?…of course I’m gonna pass ’em on…heck, I’ll never miss a chance to pass on a good rumor…or even a lie for that fact! 🙂 Ok, rumor is that he was deep in debt to a group of dope dealin’ thugs in my cell-block. Rumor is that they got tired of tradin’ dope for what he had to offer, you get my meaning there, and wanted money, lots of it…so, to avoid what he had comin’, he concocted a “rape story” and asked for protection. Sounds logical to me because he was getting high allot! and was definitely smokin’ pipe for to get high…but to concoct a story like that! to put another man’s freedom at risk, like that! over dope!!! I don’t know. But what I do know is that a rape case is the worst jacket you can put on a convict, plus, like I said, they’re giving people more time for that kinda stuff.

When I was in the USP at Florence Colorado me and the whole cell-block watched, not actually watched but was in the cellblock, while a group of guys who call themselves The Mid West Crew, mostly from St. Louis Missouri, grabbed a gay guy from the East Coast and repeatedly raped him one after the other, for several hours. Yeah, horrible. I know what your thinking, but what were my options – telling the guards? Not an option. Interceding? It was a black on black crime, and like I’ve said before, everything in Prison is racial, everything, and since none of the other blacks jumped in, as White Man it wasn’t my place to intercede and if I had, it could have resulted in a race-riot because they would have surly tried to beat me up and the other white wouldn’t have stood by and let that happen…prison rules…even had I wanted too, I couldn’t have interceded. Yes, it’s crazy right. You’d think that prison for a gay guy would be like a penis-tree for a Kardashian but I can assure you it ain’t so, in fact, it’s hell.

Yeah, rape does indeed happen in prison, but it ain’t as wide-spead as you might think, it’s rare even, but rape of any kind is a horrible crime. Anyway, to conclude my story, yesterday they released from the “Hole” the accused rapist…after taking dude to the hospital for a rape test, it was determined that he had not been raped and that no DNA from the accused was present. He lied! and put the life of another man in jeopardy so he could avoid paying his dope debts. I don’t get it…

“ETs in Peru”

I saw on Univision News this morning (spanish language TV) that they found some mummies in Peru with elongated skulls, large eyes and long, like twice as long as a human, three fingered hands…they were touted as extraterrestrials. Yeah, they actually showed a few of ’em and as much as I wanted to believe it, I just couldn’t get over the fact that they looked just like the character portrayed in the Spielberg movie by the same name, plus, the spanish news channels are like one of those tabloid gossip papers, you honestly have to be a dumb-ass to even watch them…me? Oh, I was watching it because of the hot broad who does the weather! Duh! Why else would I be watching! I ain’t ripping the Mexican News Networks, hell they’re no worse than the American Propaganda that CNN puts out. Thank God for News Babes or there’d be absolutely no reason to watch the news at all!

Please pass this along to your friends and thanks for reading. Peace be with you, Mark

Three Rivers, 7-5-17