“Maya, My Partner, Amelia Update and The Money Shot”

Good Morning to all. I hope this finds you as happy and healthy as it finds me.

My granddaughter, Maya, I have five of them 🙂 all sweethearts, was chose to walk the Runway at the Coutour Show in Paris and I ain’t talkin’ about Paris Texas either; no disrespect to Paris Texas, lol. Then she flew to Sicily and walked the Runway for a Dolce-Gabanna show, I hear it took place at one of the old temples and was spectacular, she of course, was the star of the show. If interested you can see some of the photos @ Maya_Henry … it may sound crazy but everyone says she looks just like me! In a chick way, of course. Okay, no one actually says that, but, I’m certain that’s what they’re thinking!

My Partner

My oldest and closest friend came to visit and in-between us looking at all the women in the Visitation Room he asked me who helped to write and or edit my blog material. This is the second time he’s asked this same question; I’ve mentioned it before. Anyway, as I told you then, I have a whole Harem of helpers, one in England, one is Switzerland, one in Canada and one in St. Louis … all babes I might add and all without a doubt smarted than me, but none of them rewrite or edit this blog; I’m proud to tell you this. I’m proud of my work.

My old buddy also told me, in a concerned way, not to talk about God and Politics, which I do all the time – and he’s right. No one wants to hear about God from a man like me, NO, I get it! I do. I’m a liar, a thief, an adulterer and, I cuss a lot too, basically a sinner first class. And I understand that he was warning me, not about how he felt, but about how others felt about me. I get it, I do. And I listen to him because he’s my partner … what! Hell NO! Not that kind of Partner! … not Partner in the modern sense of the word but the Old West sense of the word … yeah, I know, Broke Back Mountain. No, I’ve never seen the movie! I hear ya, but Broke Back Mountain is the MODERN sense of the Old West, I’m talking about the Old Old West … like Partners back then, you know, the guy you could count on in a Shoot-Out and such.

Anyway. I know what I am, to you. I do. Hell, I say it all the time in here, “No body wants to hear about God from a damned convict.” Yep, say it all the time … well, every time one of these Bible-totting child molesters try to tell me about Jesus anyway. As for politics, well, I like to tell you how I feel about things, it’s how I get them off my chest. I don’t mean to be offensive. I don’t talk about God and Politics just to get a reaction, to get followers per se. I tell you how I feel about them. Yes, I understand. I say things sometimes the you don’t agree with – but isn’t that the beauty of language and freedom of thought? Isn’t that what friends do? Hell, I’m sure there are things you believe in that I find ridiculous, too … but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them and even disagree. Trust me, you don’t know the half of what I believe concerning God and Politics, lol.

Reality is, we’re all products of our Life-Experiences. Yes, my life has been unusual and therefore I’m unusual; a peculiar man. As a result I see the Politics of God and the god of Politics (pretty clever right). What I’m trying to say is, I have my own mind about things. I ain’t a knee-bender. I don’t parrot what I see on the TV. I ain’t afraid to question the unquestionable and that’s the beauty of being a convict. I’m a leper to Society, so, therefore I’m not welcomed nor constrained by it. This freedom of being ostrasized by Society allows me to think out of the box concerning things like God, Politics and everything else. Will you always agree with me? No, you will not. Am I absolutely right about everything? Of course I am, lol, in my mind, anyway. So, what to do. Well, I can only do what I think is right and I can only give you my opinion based on my thoughts and beliefs. So, I have considered my Partners advice and do wholly reject it. I admit it hear and now, I do not think that any of the Politicians running for President now, or in the past few decades did so to serve you or I, or for the betterment of the country and planet; they’re all about themselves and will say and do anything to get elected, to include promoting racial hatred. So, with this said I’m gonna give you the scoop of the century …

When I get out, I’m gonna go ahead and run for President my damned self, and, my slogan is gonna be …
“At Least You Know I’m a Crook!”

Amelia Update

You know I have nothing … hell, I don’t even own the clothes I’m wearing … but for some reason I felt like I needed to help Amelia … my heart hurt for her.

So what can one like me do to help a child halfway around the world? Not much. On my own, actually nothing. I am nothing in this world … I’m a leper, and outcast, a failure at the game of life. But, I love humanity deeply and children most especially. I wanted to help Amelia live a life the way God intended kids to live; no kid should have to go through that. But what could I do? Well, I have been blessed in ways most others can’t even imagine. I’m literate enough to write MY OWN blog. I’m healthy like a teenager and loved by friends and family. What more could a man ask for! So I picked up the phone and called my daughter Azteca; she listened to me, checked out Amelia’s story and then donated the money for Amelia’s surgery. No, not Thomas J. … but Azteca! Thomas J. doesn’t donate money unless it benefits his Practice, he wasn’t interested. It was my little skinny daughter whose heart is like her fathers. She did it. Yep, that little knock-kneed kid from Ingleside, she, did the Godly thing, the thing her mother and father taught her to do, and that is, to help folks when you can. God bless her … hope that wasn’t too much God for ya, Partner.


Saw a good movie this weekend, I think it was called, “Miss Balla” with Gina Rodriguez. It was the kind of movie we “Lowlifes” like … cute girls, senseless violence and, unlike Miss Rose, about halfway through the movie, Miss Gina gave us the “Money Shot” … she does look good in her undies!

That’s all this time. Thanks for your time and, as always, Peace be with you.

Three Rivers, 7-15-19