"The United Auto Workers Strike and the truth you ain't hearing"


When this strike started I watched in baited breath. I of course always support the Workers in a case like this ... well, hell, how can you argue with the BILLIONS in profit that the Auto Companies profited last year! I mean, I'm not against people or companies making a profit, that opportunity, after all is what makes America great. So, I do understand the Auto Industries point too. I mean, if they give raises and increased benefits when the profits are up, do they get those concessions back when they go down? I seriously doubt that. But it is what it is, right.

On Sunday September the 17th I was listening to Jake Tapper on the TV. On this show he interviewed both Former VP Mike Pence and Senator Bernie Sanders. In both interviews he questioned them about the THEN on-going UAW strike ... Pence of course was vague and uncommitted and Bernie of course was blunt and straight forward, in favor of the workers, as he always is on social issues. The point I want to make here is that Mr. tapper handled both interviews fairly, and both he and Sen. Sanders sited multiple times the "OUTRAGEOUS" salaries paid to the C.E.O.s of the Big Three auto makers; this their point of major contention. The point was made multiple times that the CEO of GM made 300 to 400 times what the average plant worker makes. It was said by Mr. tapper that the CEO of GM made 23 million dollars last year - Bernie later said it was 29 million - of course I have no way to fact check this so I post it with that said, but the point is moot, 23 million or 29 million is a lot of money! And when you couple that with the 20/30 BILLION that the auto makers turned in profit last year, it only seems fair to me that they pay the workers more.

Let me add this bit of truth to the angry worker mindset.

 Are you, the Auto Worker, welder, nurse, waitress or whatever ... are YOU Working Americans aware that you are being manipulated into HATEING, COMPLAINING and convinced to STRIKE over the fact that the CEO of GM made between 20 and 30 million dollars last year? Rightfully so I say, NO ONE needs to make that much money a year; GREED is what it is. BUT I will add here that this lady who runs GM manages one of the biggest companies in the world! She wasn't born into this job, she worked her way through a collage degree, worked herself up the corporate ladder, one that was stacked against her, and achieved the top spot of a HUGE company through hard work I will add ... doesn't that count for something? I will say it again, one of the BIGGEST companies in the WORLD! No, I'm not saying she isn't overpaid, hell I'm on record trying to educate the American public about how the top 1% are out of line when it comes to money. But, prison has made me appreciate TRUTH ... and you, ain't hearing it.

Here's the part you ain't being told!

The CEO of GM, a highly educated, hard working woman, is the scape-goat on GREED in this issue. I say this because neither Bernie, nor Tapper or ANY of the media is siting the FACT that the Rock Band "Genesis" made $230 million in the same pay period, playing music! that's ten times what a person makes for running a HUGE company. Let's go on, the entertainer "Sting" made $210 million, "Tyler Perry" made $175 million, "Trey Parker & Matt Stone" made $160 million and "James L. Brooks & Matt Groenig" made $105 million ... even Brad Pitt earned four times as much ($100 million) as this lady at GM. Have you heard any of this on the news? From Mr. Tapper or Mr. Sanders or Mr. Pence ... or from CNN, FOX or NPR? No! Hell no. Why? Because we are being lied to and manipulated into hating big CEOs and Corporate America, while Entertainers and Athletes get a pass. Ask yourself why this is. Hmmm. Look, greed is greed. I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand times more ... who needs to make that much money? Honestly, nobody.

Do you want to know what the true meaning of "PRIVILEDGE"? Well, it's being 7' tall and able to play ball when most folks can't. It's being born Taylor Swift or Jay Z and able to write music, when most folks can't. It's being born beautiful like Brad Pitt, when most folks aren't, It's being born with 120 IQ while others are born with a 95 or lower IQ. But you'll never hear about any of this, because our media outlets are censored to keep you ignorant, a slave.

 America, wake the hell up. You're being duped into buying overpriced concert tickets, overpriced sports paraphernalia, overpriced cable TV. all so that others can get super rich ... I ask you again, who needs to make that much money? Honestly, how can these folks even live with themselves knowing that so many among us have so little. And no, don't try to tell me about the millions they give to Charity or how they've adopted a couple of Third World children; it's a drop in the bucket, and in some cases, it's all about attention. Remember the Jesus parable about the poor woman who gave what little she had ... if you've forgotten that, I suggest you go back and read it.

Back to Giant Auto.

I have an answer to the United Auto Workers of America AND to the Auto Makers AND to the Working Folks... How about this; instead of profiting 20 to 30 billion a year, how about when you are experiencing a boon, like last year, you LOWER the prices of your vehicles the following year, so that ALL people can share in your windfall - then when profits go down, as they inevitably will, you raise the prices back to where they were to compensate. Isn't that what's really fair?

As to the Entertainment Industry robbing us, ... well, the reason it happens is pretty simple, because WE allow it. We watch their movies, TV shows, buy their jerseys and go to their games ... if WE stopped, THEY'D stop. Come on Taylor. I know you're a decent person ... do something for the folks; give your music away for free, have lotteries and draw tickets to free concerts ... not just every now and then, but, forever. You have enough, show the world your good upbringing.

And that my friend is my rant on this. Hope you have the courage to Google the income of Athletes and Entertainers and then ask how Taylor Swift and Beyonce who make 300 to 400 or a 1000 or 10,000 times what their fans make (if it's fair to say it about a CEO, it's fair here too), can ask their fans to pay a thousand dollars for a concert ticket. Greed, plain and simple! Again I ask. How much is enough?

Peace be with you, mark out.


Bruceton Mills, 11/27/23