Plants, Granddaughters and The Dope Laws


Recently I saw n article in the Atlantis Rising Magazine called “Illuminated Plants to Light Night”. It seems that they, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has altered and designed plants by embedding special nanoparticles in the leaves of certain plants causing them to give off a dim light … “Soon they will be able to make plants glow brightly enough to illuminate a work space,” WOW!! “The trick is to use an enzyme that gives fireflies their glow … Considering that 20 percent of today’s electrical energy is for lighting, the idea of replacing street lights with self-powering, glowing trees is attracting interest from green, if not glowing, activists.” That right there is a hell of a plan – imagine your home without lights, only plants giving off a friendly glow. Man, I hope I live to see this technology implemented.



My eldest gdaughter, Felicia, is back! Where has she been? Well, I ain’t exactly sure, but Georgia, the state, I think – her hubby is in the military and she’s been living over there with him, but he’s now been deployed to the Middle East, so she’s home for a while. But that ain’t the story – the story is, she and her hubby have a new baby!! Yeah, that makes me a Great Grandpa! how about them apples; can’t wait to see the little beggar.


My next granddaughter down the age list is Maya, she’s the model. Well, as I write this she’s in Mexico City preparing for a Fashion Show – yep, she was chosen to walk the “Runway,” for a, I think, Dolce Gabana show – whatever show, but she’s there, her first time on the Runway – yall may not know it but, in the Modeling Business, walking the Runway is the Big Time. And I just found out that she was picked to “Open the Show”, that’s the most prestigious spot in the show, she’ll be first out! You go girl! Oh, and check out her very popular VLOG, this week its about me!

Crawford Girls in Miami

Friday a week ago, Big Tom, my son-in-law had a birthday, so they all went Miami and threw a party – heck of a party too – DJ Khalid and Cardi B showed up with other A-listers, Austin Mahones from San Antonio was there and sang a little, lots of fun. One interesting thing, my daughter Azteca told me that my granddaughter Isabella showed up at the party looking stunning! My daughter had to keep telling the guys, “She’s only 14!” She, Isabella, has two sisters, Sophia and Little Azteca, and of course they’re pretty as hell too … Damn, my son’s in for a rough next ten years!

Dope Laws

In my last blog entry we talked about the “Dope Problem,” well, I did, yall just listened … anyway, I mentioned that Trump might be right when he talked about executing certain Drug Cartel Members. Yeah, I know, but something has to give here, because what we’re at present doing to stop the violence, isn’t working.

The way I look at it is, you only have two choices, you can either execute everybody you catch doing drugs, like the Chinese and Muslims do, or you can legalize them like the Dutch – but you gotta do something different than what we’re doing right now which is locking everybody up for outrageous amounts of time. My opinion: Legalize them.

Nope, I ain’t a user trying to justify the fact that I don’t have the personal discipline to stop using them – but I am a convict who can tell you first hand that about eight out of ten people in prison are here because of some connection to drugs. And no, you are not deterring them from using, by putting them in prison, you are only creating a more angry law breaker! Yeah, you put a guy in prison for ten or twenty years for dope, and then you wonder why he hates America and Law Enforcement and you add on top of that, the angry children from his broken home and you’ve just compounded the rage. People, listen to me, it ain’t the violent video games, or the violent movies or the violent music, though those do have an impact, the reason that our hemisphere is so violent is because we are perpetuating anger with our draconian laws and harsh prison sentences. People don’t come to prison and find Jesus!, they come to prison and find resentment, hatred and anger.

Now I know that some of yall are gonna find a problem with where I’m going with this, but you have to hear me out, I’m telling you the truth. You do like the truth, don’t ya? Well, here goes.

We have a crime problem in, not only this country, but in most of the America’s – you know why? NO! It ain’t because of drugs. It ain’t drugs that have created the Drug Cartels, the Bloods, the Crips, MS-13, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia or the thousands of other street gangs that terrorize our country – it’s the “PROFITABILITY” of the drug trade that keeps them all in business. It’s the money they can make off the prohibition of narcotics – it’s the MONEY, always has been.

Do you know that when I was a kid we used to play outside after dark, go unescorted to the park, couples used to walk to and from the movies at night … we actually had Trick or Treat, none of the racial bullshit you hear about today, none! and I lived in a mixed, black and white neighborhood in Jacksonville Florida that went from a working community, to a full blown ghetto over night. It was a whole different country. I was there, I know the truth. Things didn’t get violent or racial until the drug money hit. With the drugs came the crime and now all these years later crime is completely out of control. Truth is, lots of neighborhoods ain’t even safe to drive through, much less live in.

So how do we solve the crime problem? Well, if most of the crime in this hemisphere is because of the MONEY made from Drugs, then the answers pretty damn simple – take the profit out of the drug business. Think about it. If a junkie could go down to the corner Drug Store and buy heroin, or Meth, his habit would cost $50.00 a day instead of $500. 00. That would mean that he could afford to buy it without having to rob YOU for the money. If you legalize narcotics, there wouldn’t be ANY Street Gangs, no turf wars, no drive by shootings, no border smuggling and no Drug Cartels … yep, those freeloaders would have to go and get JOBS! Imagine that, no Gangs! No crime. Wouldn’t that be great!

Now I know the argument against legalization, trust me, I do. But wouldn’t it be better? Wouldn’t you like to see those idiots with their pants sagging off their asses out of business! Wouldn’t you like to see those rich Cartel guys broke! Think! THINK. Put down your “opinions” and “emotions” on the subject and just look at the facts … we’ve been locking the druggies up for thirty years now, and it ain’t fixed nothing, in fact, it’s made things worse. What do you have to lose by trying a different approach? Time to think about an alternative plan.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Peace be with you. Mark

Three Rivers, 4-14-18