MAYA HENRY: Looking Forward

We have been on multiple Lockdowns, not a lot of time to post anything, but, the good news is, I had lots of time to write :)) I am also proud to announce that my Granddaughter, Maya Henry, has published her first book titled, "Looking Forward" AND, I received a copy while on Lockdown and read it, devoured it is more like it. I really liked it; cried too.

In her book, which is fictional (yeah right) she, her character Mallory tells her story about being a runway model for a fictitious set of Italian designers called R&R (Dolce Gabanna) who meets and falls in love with a British Boy-Bander and eventually gets engaged to this world famous singer. The book starts out as a beautiful romance but turns into a horror story, as she, Mallory, realizes that her love is an unrepentant drug user and abuser of women.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about my granddaughter knows that this story is ... well, is, ... about her and some punk; probably (I have to say that). I hope you're smart enough to read between the lines. Anyway. I am very proud of Maya for speaking out as best she can in a world where superstar MEN can do as they please to women, and get away with it.

Do me a favor and read this book. And thank you for reading my post.

Peace be with you, all.

Until next time, mark

OH. On an unrelated subject (yeah, right) Fuck You Liam Payne!


Bruceton Mills, 6/11/24