The American Free Press Newspaper

Inside we are naturally very limited to News sources. We therefore use the TV as our source of outside information. This means that we watch Fox News, CNN and then the Evening News. I am not a fan of any of them.

Knowing this about me the guys in here tells me about the plethora of Alternative News sources available outside on the Web. We of course, societies outcasts, do not have access to any form of the WEB. But, like most of you, we, are also interested in world events. We too are concerned with the safety and welfare of our loved-ones. And, as hard as it is for some of you to believe, we actually care about the Economy, the Abortion issue, Wars and get very upset to see that men in New York are randomly punching women in the face ... If you single out and punch a transvestite or a Jew or Black people it's a "Hate Crime", and rightfully so. Why isn't it a "Hate Crime" when you single out women and punch THEM in the face? I'm just saying! But, I drift. Point is: we, prisoners care about the issues at hand, the same as anyone else.

In my cell-bloc there are six TVs, and in the mornings several of them are on either CNN or Fox. For the record I refuse to watch either of them, UNLESS, I see something of immediate interest to me, even then, I am aware that I am seeing a redaction of the issue, not the whole story. But, as I said, I am in a limited environment and cannot avoid the TVs OR the discussion had by others around me.

What really worries me is that a lot of the men here have very little, if any, actual understanding of World History, World Politics, Societal disfunction, Women's Rights or of the profit derived from the Military Industrial Complex; weapons are money and war, and the death incurred is necessary to make that money. Why people cannot see this is beyond me. In fact I hear the guys talking about a variety of the subjects they see on TV and it is very clear that all they actually know about the outside world, is what the TV news tells them ... it's sad and it's dangerous. If the people out there are as duped as the people in here, God have mercy on us.

My cellie knows of my dislike for the National News Media and my desire to explore the Alternative News sources I have heard about. So, a few month back he brought me an Order Form for a news paper named  "American Free Press"; he insisted that his Homeboy was getting this paper and that it was a GREAT alternative source of news, AND, because his friend was recommending it, I could, for the first year, get it for only $15.00. Sounded great.

Well, when my first few issues arrived I was very disappointed, it was even more negative and biased than Fox or CNN. I hated that I had given them $15.00 of my hard earned money :( It is an angry paper and I for one have enough anger in me ... I don't need to add the anger of others to it.

Don't buy this paper.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  I am proud to tell you that I will be posting some additional content. Yes, a friend of mine named Brian Holmes will be adding his outside resources and his own writings to my Homepage. I think you will enjoy it AND, I hope that it will bring new people to our site. Coming soon :)

Peace Be with you


Bruceton Mills, 5/5/24