"Las Vegas, Pre-Release Class, Boss Man and Good News"

I know that you’ve all heard about the mass murder that took place in Las Vegas this past weekend. I can only say that we need to pray, not only for the survivors and family members, but for God’s intervention in whatever evil it is that convinces men to murder each other. I’m big on telling’ folks that you just have to have Faith that God’s running the show, and I isn’t reneging on that, and I know that you ain’t supposed to doubt God’s plan, but you know I’m just trying to understand what the hell is happening to our society. Close as I can figure is this: Good folks are starting to wake up and push back against the anti-family, anti law-enforcement…anti-God, agenda that seems to be sweeping the planet – and because they are beginning to push back, the Devil, per se, is going berserk.

For whatever its worth I want to apologize for all the times I was on the wrong side of right…hell, I was the biggest fool on the planet, but I too have been awakened and I believe that a man should make right, as best he can, the things he did wrong. And in those instances where he can’t make things right, he should at least apologize, so I’m doing that now.

“Pre-Release Class”

When a prisoner is close to being released from prison they are required to go to a class called, A Pre-Release Class. In this Pre-Release Class, the soon to be released inmates are taught to fill out a job application, told about the many resources available to them, such as loans, grants, schooling, job assistance etc. Lots of help, actually. Well a couple of weeks ago they had their monthly class for the soon to be released and guess whose name was on the list – yep, me! Don’t go to reading anything into that.

Yes, it was a mistake, because as you know, I’ve been down for over 21 years and still have life to go ( Quote from one of my favorite songs, “Life To Go” by Stonewall Jackson). This was the second time that my name has appeared on that list. The first time was about three years ago, so I went over to the class at the scheduled time and pointed out to the instructor that I was a “Lifer” and was NOT being released; he of course was embarrassed and told me i could leave. I did. This time I fully intended to do the same thing, but when I got over there I saw that the new instructor was a friendly female with a pretty smile and a nice bottom, so…not wanting to be rude, I cleaned my glasses, twice, and sat down. OH stop being judgmental! Can’t an old man appreciate some of natures firmer…er, I mean, finer work without bein’ criticized!

Anyway, I’m not gonna let you freaks make me feel bad, or get bumped off my story…and for the record, I stayed for the information! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Back to the story I was tellin’ before you perverts interrupted me.

When I went into the classroom where the Pre-Release Class was… “sashaying around”…You just won’t drop it will ya! Like I was saying, when I went into the classroom, low and behold, I saw two other “Lifers” there as well. One of ’em is a Native American guy, one of my best friends. Well, he sees me and immediately comes over and is absolutely giddy, and i can tell from his conversation that he’s seeing some kind of miracle in action, believing that his name being on the pre-release list was some kind of prophecy…and it hurt my heart to see the hope in his eyes. No, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that this was the second time that my name had been on that same list…I wanted to tell him that it was obviously a mistake, a cruel mistake, actually, but I just couldn’t.

Well, that was a couple of weeks ago and I had moved on, forgotten all the INFO I had absorbed, when I saw my name on the list to have my annual blood work ( no diseases here and a blood pressure of 82/122), and when I went in for my results I saw the OTHER “Lifer” from the Pre-Release Class sitting in the waiting room. When he saw me his eyes lit up and the first words out of his mouth were, “I don’t know about you, but I think something’s happening, like maybe they’re gonna release us. You do know the laws are changing!”…he was so excited…all I could do was tell him that I hope so.

Hope however, is a harsh mistress and prison dreams are made of stone. God have mercy on us.

“Boss Man”

Folks have takin’ a liking to The Boss Man and have asked what he looks like, so to update you, He’s Gray with two white boots in the back and two white paws in front with a little white cravat under his chin…a most handsome cat if ever there was one ( I added that because I think he reads this ).

“Good News”

As we speak, my book “As a Convict Thinketh” which is already available in English and Spanish, is being translated into French and Arabic !!! Great news, right! As far as I know this book is available, for free, please feel free to download it and pass it along to any past, present or future prisoners, maybe it’ll wake them up a little.


Thanks again for taking your time to read this mess and don’t forget that I am asking that you pass this along to your FB friends and ask them to do the same. And thanks again for reading this. Peace be with you.

Three Rives, 10-4-17