A public apology to author Steven King

Well ... here goes. A long time ago I tried watching the Steven King movie, Pet Cemetery, I hated it. 24 some odd years ago I tried reading a Steven King series, "The Gunslinger". For some reason I didn't like it. And from that time on, I've famously said, "I don't like like Steven King books ... "Won't read one". Yeah. Well. For the record I have premonitions, my new cellie here in West Virginia has seen it first hand ... he said Steven King calls it "The Shine" and suggested I read a book called Dr. Sleep, which he just happened to have. Out of curiosity for The Shine, I did, and I loved it! Then as if to rub my nose in my own pooh, he suggested I read The Outsider, which he just happened to have, yeah, anyway, I loved it too. So whatever it was that made me NOT like Steven King books ... well, I was wrong and am issuing a public apology to Mr. King ... he's awesome. I also like a man who ain't afraid to admit his faults and one who ain't too proud to admit hitting his knees twice a day.

The Shine, no, it's nothing like the characters in the book Dr. Sleep, it's more of a knowing, a premonition; I think Mr. King knows exactly what I'm saying, else he couldn't write about it the way he did.

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Bruceton Mills, 5-17-2023