“Medicare For All”

My brothers and sisters in the Democratic Party are all supporting the issue of a National Health Care System; Medicare for all. They are all standing on the principle that, “Health Care is a right, not a privilege”. I too believe that Health Care is a human right, and not a privilege for those who can afford it. I think all of the citizens of this country deserves Medical Treatment when needed. The problem is, how can we pay for it?

Sen. Bernie Sanders on his recent FOX News Channel Town Hall said that Health Care would pay for itself. His answer to the question of “How to pay for it” was, “Through tax increases”. He went on to say, “Yes, Government run Health Care will increase your taxes. But since you would NOT be paying a monthly Health Care Premium,” it would basically be a wash. He went on to say that the money “you would have paid” on a monthly insurance premiums and deductibles would be the money you’d pay in increased taxes. So, in Sen. Sanders’ mind … it’s a good deal. Here’s the problem with the concept of Socialized Medicine, and Bernie’s plan … some folks WON’T work. and therefore DO NOT pay taxes! Under the Democratic Plan, these folks who refuse to work would have FREE health care, or, more precisely, they’d have Health Care paid for by someone with a job. As much as I believe that we need to provide Health care for those who can’t afford it, I just don’t think it’s fair that it would be paid for on the backs of the workers. I just don’t.

I’m all in for Socialized Medicine, I am. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a single mother working a job as a waitress, praying that her kids won’t get sick. No parent, especially a mother should have to live like that – not in this country, not in this century. Like I said, my heart hurts for the underprivileged. I believe that everyone should have coverage, that no one should be forced to live under the stress of knowing that they can’t afford Medical Treatment for themselves, their children or their old folks. So forget your politics, forget Democrats and forget Republicans – ain’t none of them sons a bitches really interested in helping anybody but themselves. Forget politics and lets look at the issue – nope, not the okie-doke you get from the TV, not the bullshit you get from both political parties, but the REAL REASON we can’t afford to provide Health Care for all – you’ll only hear this here, so pay attention. But I got ta warn ya … what I’m about ta say is gonna blow yer skirt up, so make sure you’re wearin’ panties. But first, a relevant story.

As most of you know I have this English broad who handles my blog and my FB accounts – she does lots of things to help me get my work out … and she never asks for money. Point is, everything you’ve read of mine over the past 7 or 8 years is the result of her helping me. … What … yeah, I’m gonna blow yer skirt up, but you know me, I have to string you out a little first .

Anyway, a couple of month ago Lynn, the English Babe, mentions to me that she had been part of a group effort to help raise money for this little girl in her hometown named Amelia; Amelia needs an operation … then she mentioned that they were a long way off from getting the full amount they needed.

Now, most of you know that England has a Socialized Medicine System – the same type of Medicare System that Bernie Sanders and the likes are trying to push through our country, the same type of program I’ve already admitted to you that I support. But, after hearing Amelia’s story, I was compelled to ask, “If England has free Health care for all, then why isn’t the Government making sure that Amelia gets her surgery?” Well my friends, it seems that Government Health care is a fixed system, one that clearly considers it too expensive to give it’s working class poor anything but basic care … even if they’re children. Truth is, the Government cannot be trusted to do what they promise, not theirs, not ours.

This poor child needs an operation, she lives in constant pain, but, because her surgery is too expensive all Socialized Medicine will provide for her, are injections, for the pain. Now I don’t know how y’all feel about this, but, this bothers me … I just don’t understand how someone, especially a child, could be denied, for ANY reason a needed surgery. Somebody needs their ass whipped!

Oh to be sure, like Obama with his lie to the American people “You can keep your doctor!”, the Government will make it sound so good … and, for a while it will be, until they get you hooked on the system, then they’ll scale you back, until, like Amelia, they give you a shot of dope rather that actually fixing the problem. Health Care for ALL is a scam. Obama was a liar, Bernie’s a liar and so is anyone else who promises you something they know cannot be delivered. Breaks my heart that we’re actually having this discussion because I believe with all my heart that everyone is truly entitled to medical treatment. I want this so bad that I will admit it here, that even a poor system like the one I’ve just described is better than no system at all … but what if … what if, we could actually pay for a good system, one that actually serviced the people in need! Wouldn’t that be great! Do you have those panties on? Because I’m going to give you a couple of ideas on how I think we could actually pay for a good Socialized Medicine Program in this country … but I gotta warn you, if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re gonna get your feelings hurt.

How To Pay For Universal Health Care

Health Care is like a lot of things in this country we can’t have, and you know why, because to have things like Social Programs requires everyone to participate, to do their part, to not take advantage … to do their fair share. I’ve already told you why Bernie’s notion on tax sharing won’t work; some folks refuse to work and pay taxes. It’s an ugly reality when it comes to humans, some folks are Producers, and some folks are Takers, and their ain’t a damn thing you and I can do to change the freeloader mindset so prevalent in America today. Now, if our boot-licking elected officials would be willing to face the fact that our Welfare System, and I’m talking about the whole damned thing, is a shameful goiter on the neck of decent folks and is nothing more than a haven for freeloading scam artists … and be willing to make the hard decision to fix it so that the only folks who could qualify for any of it, are those who actually need it, this would go a long way towards fixing our problems; of course anyone who tries to fix this atrocity will be called a racist or Uncle Tom. Frankly, I’m sick of it, what really needs to be done is the whole damned thing needs to be done away with and replaced with the old work programs of the Depression Era. I’m so sick of these Welfare Freeloaders that I want to do away with the whole damn thing, even though, I know that some folks actually need help, so, like I said, lets replace the system with a work program … if you want a check from the Government, from the tax money of those who actually have jobs, and you ain’t bedridden, then be willing to work for it rebuilding our nations infrastructure. My compromise to Bernie and the Democrats would be, I’ll give you Health Care, you give me the Welfare System; eliminate one for the other. If we eliminate the Welfare Fund we could actually afford things like Universal Health Care.
Proposition # 1: Do away or fix the Entitlements System, to include Welfare.

One of the Dem candidates for President, Bernie I think, said that some of the Big Tech companies, even though they made billions of dollars, actually paid zero in taxes. That’s bullshit, too. We need to go to the Flat Tax! Do you research. With the Flat Tax, everybody “Who works or is productive” will pay taxes, rich included. It’s a better system than the one we have now where SOME pay nothing … read Bloomberg Weekly, April 29 2019, article called “Zero Taxes” its about a guy who’s worth six hundred million and hasn’t paid Income Taxes since, 2000.
Proposition #2 : Flat Tax, it will make sure that everyone pays their share.

Next. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is right about when she said that there’s never enough money to help the poor but there’s always enough money to fight another war. I repeat, she’s absolutely right about this. War, war, war, and more war … frankly, I’m sick of it and I’m especially sick of the wars in the Middle East. We have spent trillions of dollars fighting wars we have no business fighting, and on top of this, we’ve lost too many of our sons and daughters doing it. I don’t give a big rats ass about the Middle East! Yeah, there was a time when we needed their oil but those days are over, we have enough oil and Natural Gas in the Americas to sustain us. What about Russia and China you lament? Well, as far as I’m concerned, if they want the Middle East – let them have it, and all it’s problems too.

Terrorism you decry! Well let me tell you something no one else will, are you ready?

Do you know why the Arabs hate us? Well, it ain’t because we’re Americans … it’s because we’re constantly in their business. The reason they see us as an enemy, the Great Satan, is because they see us as a decadent society, they don’t want our culture being forced down the throats of their children. They don’t want our pornography, they don’t want our drug problems, they don’t want their children selling their bodies on street corners, they don’t want Hollywood pushing their sex agenda on their women and CHILDREN, they don’t want our Welfare System, our Rap Music, our crime, our pedophilia … they don’t want our “Entertainment Industry” educating their children … our culture simply does not fit their religious beliefs. And I don’t have a problem with that, I don’t want their culture either. But, BIG BUSINESS demands that we, the American people, fight wars, occupy other countries and impose our will, our culture, on others, so BIG MONEY can prosper in those country’s, whether these countries want it or not. Now, I know what you’ve been taught … Terrorism! Well, that my friend is a trick word used to keep the public afraid, and therefore dependent on Government. I tell you here and now, if we pulled out of the Middle East, all of it, and quit trying to force our way of life on them, there’d be no terrorism. Terrorist attacks are in response to us being in their countries, leave the Middle East, get the hell out, and “Terror Attacks” would stop. Like I said, let Russia and China fight over it.

The folks if the Middle East have been fighting each other since Noah decided to get drunk and curse one of his kids, and its never going to change. And you know what, it ain’t our problem. I don’t give a shit! What difference does it make if the Sunnis or the Shiite’s rule. As for Israel, well, we’ve given them the weapons they need to defend themselves, they ain’t our business either; time for them to support and take care of themselves … don’t quote the Bible to me! And don’t call me anti-semetic just because I think it’s time for Israel to deal with it’s own problems … truth is, Israel is just as much a part of the problems in the Middle East as anybody else. Remember, I ain’t cuddling you like a bunch of little children here, I’m giving you the hard truth on what we need to do to solve the problems at hand, in OUR country … and whether you want to accept it or not, a big part of the problem in the Middle East is, Israel. I could go further here, but this ain’t the place for it, not today. Bottom line; one of three reasons we can’t afford a National Health Care System is because we are spending our money on wars we ain’t got any business fighting, and spending billions if not trillions of American Tax Dollars rebuilding places like Iraq and Afghanistan … places I will remind you, we destroyed in the first place … I wonder how much money the Bush/Clinton Crime Families made off those wars! Wake up America! We’re arguably the greatest nation on the planet, but if we don’t open our eyes to the truth about politics and politicians we’re gonna end up a g-damned Communist country where the super powerful rule us like slaves! Wake Up!
Proposition #3 : Stop sending our money and children to fight wars we have no business fighting.
Running out of space, so let me finish with this; Remember Amelia, well, check her out, and, if you can find it in your heart to send her a little money, please do it. To see Amelia’s story go to Just4children.org and click on “Amelia’s Story”. Love you guys, Mark

Three Rivers, 6-28-19