My friend Mike, and Shot Callers

There’s been some interesting things happening since my last post, all good things I might add. First and foremost a good friend of mine went home. I haven’t seen him in over five years; we were together in the joint in Pollock Louisiana. My friend Mike is a jailhouse lawyer, the best jailhouse lawyer in the system. He himself had a 27 year sentence that he was able to get reduced to around 7 years, I think, anyway, those 7 years are up – and he went home. I wish you well ol’ friend.

Well, to you my Blog readers, here is the stuff I’ve been promising to tell you about. I have to say to you that when I agreed to tell you this stuff I thought that it would be a short couple of stories and that would be it, but, alas, after I had finished with my fiftieth page of work, I realized that what I was saying could never be told fifteen thousand characters at a time. So, what I’ve decided is, to be true to my word and tell you a few inside things, but to write another book about the entirety of my experience. SO, here is the first of a weekly set of entries I will put out on this blog site that will go hand in hand with a new book.

I will endeavor to put these blog postings out on a regular schedule, but, I must warn you, my site is serviced out of England. So, it’s entirely possible that I will send it to England on what would be a Monday here, and for reasons beyond my control it might not get posted until the next day. Yeah, there’s a heck of a time difference between here and there, so when you’re sitting down for supper them English babes are asleep and dreamin’ about the “Wee Folk” – no wait, that’s Irish babes who dream about the “Wee Folk” … I don’t have any idea what English babes dream about … hmmm … Note to self. Add … to … Bucket list: Sleep with an English broad. Okay, that takes care of that. Like I was sayin’, I’ll do my best to get this stuff sent out to you, until we’re finished with it. Again, thank y’all for stayin’ with me. Mark

Three Rivers, 9-10-18