American Holocaust: The war On Drugs

We have been taught to have zero compassion for drug addicts. "Lock 'me up", is the cattle call from practically everyone in the country, huh. Which is suspicious and makes me ask, have you watched TV lately? Of course you have, we all have, with that said, I want to point something out to you that you might have overlooked.

In the US a large portion of the advertisement on TV is about DRUGS!! Pharmaceutical drugs. In fact anytime we watch TV we're faced with a barrage of reasons why we should take narcotics. And it ain't just the TV, it's all forms of entertainment. Wherever you look it's there, promising a happier life, a way to relieve yourself of this pain or that pain, both physical and mental. If you ache (we all do, it's part of being human) why deal with it when you can take this drug or that drug and get relief. If you're depressed, why deal with it when you can temporarily get rid of it by taking drugs. They make it seem so normal, so ok, so legal.

The truth is that we have been brainwashed into accepting that these pharmaceutical chemicals are beneficial, but the reality is that Big Pharma has systematically made drug addicts, virtual criminals, out of virtually every innocent person in America. Yet, the average American on these drugs has the audacity to criticize and condemn others who choose to medicate their problems in the exact same way - albeit with street drugs. There is no difference. People suffering seek relief, YOU, THEM! Truth is, these legal drugs, though promoted everywhere, are accepted by a deceived population, a population who cannot see the truth. The truth is this: according to the "LAW", drugs are ok, as long as they are controlled and profitable to the powers that be. In order to convince you of this, they have to entice you to hate, despise, the street drug addict, while accepting the church going drug addict.

Here in prison we have an abundance of drugs and a plethora of drug addicts. The worst thing we have here is something the cons call, Deuce. I ain't exactly sure what it is other than something they smoke, I mean I've heard it's Bug Spray on paper, I ain't sure, but it's bad. I mean, we are constantly seeing people stumbling around on this shite. It's bad and there's no defending it. However, if you look past the unsightliness of it and just watch these "Deuce-heads" what you will see is, that other than being a nuisance, they're harmless. Deuce doesn't make them kill people or rob people or violent at all, it just, over time, ruins their mind. I repeat, it's terrible to watch these guys get deuced-out. But, again I repeat, they are harming no one but themselves, and in truth, they really don't belong in prison. They're not dangerous, just pathetic. And, I think it's that way for most illegal drugs. And to you ultra-conservatives I will add, if the government has no right to take away our guns, then why does it have the right to take away freedom, for getting high. Again, I repeat, I don't do drugs, so I ain't defending a vice, I'm merely speaking on a subject that circumstances has slapped me in the face with.



What I want you to know is that what this country has called, "The War on Drugs" has done far more harm to our nation than any drug addict or drug dealer ever thought of doing. It has created a nation wide epidemic of broken communities, communities and broken families who, because of the situational violence created by the underground fortunes being made from the illegal drug trade, have been cut off from normal society. And I get it. It's easier to just ignore the violence, the crime, the destruction of the monetary gain created by bad drug laws than it is to actually address the root problem. Do not get it confused - drugs are not, in most cases, good for you. But I understand the need you have, both the legal drug user and the illegal drug user. Look I get it, I see it all the time in here, the guys in here are just like you, they medicate so they can make it through the day; sometimes life is easier to deal with when om dope, high.

Look. I'm not here to argue or point fingers at you or anyone else. I'm here because I want you, the citizen, to understand that you have been tricked into hating drug addicts all-the-while being dooped into self-medicating yourself. What do I want? I want you, us to stop judging others - to realize that you, the working person on pharmaceutical drugs are being manipulated into passing judgement on folks from the other side of town who use illegal drugs. I want you to understand that in reality, there is no difference between the two. I want you to understand that the War On Drugs has nothing to do with keeping you safe from drugs, it's about the most fundamental desire of human psyche, control. point is: IT'S OK TO USE DRUGS AS LONG AS THEY'RE BIG PHARMA DRUGS.

You/we the working folks in this country have been lied to on a daily bases, and drugs and crime have been used as a racial, class segregation tool dividing our country into two distinct parts, poor white/black/brown folks against everyone else. As a result entire segments of our country have been arrested and sent to prison as a means of punishment for those who do not follow the rules of Big Business/Big Government. Look, it's all about money. It always has been and it always will be.

The war On Drugs has made Big Pharmaceutical Companies and Street Drug Dealers alike rich beyond belief, the same way that the War on Alcohol, the Prohibition, made Al Capone and other in the underground economy rich. The war on Alcohol failed and the war On Drugs has failed. Isn't it time we realized this, and change our laws.

Peace be with you, Mark