By Coy Jones

Dear Mark

Hope this reaches you in good spirits and in good health. I'm sorry about the delay of reaching out to you. You know how it can be, but there’s no excuse. For that I am sorry. I tried to keep up with things as much as possible with the guys coming from there. In Oklahoma at the transit center I met a guy who had just left Three Rivers I can't recall his name but he used to sit under the Pisa TV and draw portraits and pictures, he brought me up to date on some of the current events of Three Rivers, that was months ago, and I see that a lot has changed in both our lives. How is the family? I hope you are settling well there. I did my RDAP at Cumberland Maryland. Definitely a different culture up that way. There are so many questions I have about what’s been going on in your life I don’t know where to start, so I’ll wait for your response to fill me in. For me I met a lady from San Antonio that I have become very close to and in our conversations about my past experiences you were mentioned. I told her about a dark time and that if it wasn't for you I don't know if I would have gotten through it sane. You are a great mentor and a close friend. All the days and nights of our conversations have stayed with me all these years. I tell our story to people or at least the ones that are worthy as a way of keeping you with me and all the knowledge and inspiration that came in our too short of time together. I’ve met many people along this journey called life, and as you know what my beliefs are. God placed you in my life for a time on purpose, and for that I am grateful. This last few years gave been a challenge for me in working on myself, but I’m happy with what I’m becoming giving thanks to God and men like you. I still make mistakes but im learning, apply your 24 hour rule to make sure I’m not making haste decisions. I remember the day you set me down and gave me that advice. Well for now I have to go. No good bye cause I know I’ll hear from you again hopefully sooner than later. Take care Mayor Mark