I got to know Mark as a man not as a title

By Nathan Womack

When you hear the term (Lifer).. Meaning a life sentence. It is intimidating. That's the first thing you hear about Mark is that he's a lifer. As unjust as it is Mark is a lifer. So with out knowing him people are intimidated just by the term. But after you get to know Mark and how he is. Its no longer intimidating. Mark is one of the best men I know.

I had been around Mark for a few month's with out knowing Mark. Then he asked me if I would like to be his cellie. Once I became his cellie, I got to know Mark as a man not as a title (lifer). It was in the height of COVID that we became cellies. So we were locked down a lot. Mark and I are alike in that when in the cell we don't talk much. But there's only so much reading you can do. So we got to know each other and about each other. I came to learn that he has a lot of love and pride for his family. They have all achieved so much. He would tell me about them. From other's you may take it as bragging. But with Mark you knew it was love and pride.

Mark taught me a lot in the few months we lived together. He has a way of speaking to you that makes you want to listen. Even if hes getting on to you.
Mark is a very humble and peaceful person. I have done a bit of time locked up. And have only ran across one other person that I stay incontact with. Mark makes the second person I've met being locked up that I will stay in touch with after I'm released. To me that shows a lot of respect.

I will close with this. Mark should not have received a life sentence. But as unhappy as he is it it. He is not an unhappy man. Mark has found what other's outside and in search for.    PEACE with in him self.

P.s. To the people that read these letter from us. Let these letters be what you use to judge Mark. Or reach out to him yourself. Don't let someone that never knew Mark be your deciding factor. As the (Government) wrote what they had to, to have Mark convicted. Let me ask you this. Would you rather have some one learn about you through a friend or and enemy???

Nathan Womack